A Dutch burger

For my first blog I thought long and hard about what I could write about. Having just been to Amsterdam I thought my first post could be about the humble burger. I’m not normally someone who would usually go out for a burger, but I seemed to be craving some dutch beef. After doing some research on where I could get a decent one I found Burgermeester, so ventured down to their burger joint on Albert Cuypstraat.


On entering the place I was faced with a huge menu with all they had to offer, the wall was covered with black and white photographs of the cows which supply the beef. A breed called the Blonde d’Aquitaine are used, the cows are French but are bred in the Netherlands.

There was a wide range of burgers to choose from, from the humble beef burger, lamb burger, a spicy version of the lamb burger and a chicken burger with a curry masala for carnivores and many variations to choose from; for vegetarians they have lentil burgers and goats cheese burgers.

We decided on a cheeseburger and a lamb burger washed down with coke, surprisingly the place doesn’t serve fries with their burgers, I’m not sure if this is common place in the Netherlands, but it’s not the first time it had happened on our visit. Nevertheless, when they arrived they didn’t look too lonely because they stood tall and proud on the plate. My cheese burger was perfectly cooked, you may think cooking a good burger isn’t too difficult, but it was just pink in the middle, nicely charred on the outside and had a good dollop of mild mustard on top. The bread bun was a nice surprise too, normally I’m not impressed when the bun is soft and tasteless, but this was lovely with a proper crust to it making the burger very yummy indeed!! The lamb burger was also just as yummy and the red onion compote, I’m told was a very good compliment to the lamb.

Classic lamb burger with a red onion compote
Classic lamb burger with a red onion compote
Cheese burger with mustard and ketchup
Cheese burger with cheddar cheese, mustard and ketchup

On matters other than the actual quality of the food, the service was efficient and our food arrived in good time, it wasn’t very busy so luckily we didn’t have to stay hungry for too long. In terms of price, burgers range from 7€ to 8.50€, so not the cheapest especially as they don’t serve fries with them, but if I visited Amsterdam again, I would definitely go back for another yummy burger!

9 thoughts on “A Dutch burger”

  1. I would of destroyed both burgers!!! Well done on your 1st blog Mrs Amesbury. Look forward to many more!! Xx

    1. Awww thanks, very kind of you to say!! Apologies for any errors in grammar though, really need to remember when to use the semi-colon etc! Hopefully can keep the posts a regular thing.

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