Saturday brunch

Friends who know me well know I have a huge interest in art, so I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield for the 1st day of a new exhibition. They have a restaurant in the YSP centre which serves cakes, sandwiches, soups and freshly prepared hot specials. I’ve eaten in the restaurant a few times and always driven home having been well fed and never disappointed.

Well, unfortunately I couldn’t really say the same today. I always try to be positive with my comments but am finding it a little difficult in this post. I’d only parked for 2 hours, because 2+ hours is £7.50 (quite steep I think), so could only stay till midday. They weren’t serving anything off the hot specials until 11.30am so instead I ordered the brunch. The lady at the counter said this consisted of sausage, bacon, poached egg, tomato, mushroom, toasted muffin, rocket and brown sauce. It was busy in restaurant so it took about 20 minutes for my food to arrive.


The bacon was very thick and a little tough, I’d rather have 2 thinner slices of bacon with crispy fat, the sausages were ok with quite a big meat content. I find that sausages with too high a meat content can be a little dry, which these were unfortunately. The mushroom was warm, the tomato not too sharp and the muffin could have been toasted for longer, it was a little tasteless. The poached egg was still runny inside but it could have been softer on the outside. I didn’t even finish it!

It cost £8.50 for the brunch and approximately £2 for a pot of tea. I’m sure I’ll visit the restaurant again as I’m a regular at the sculpture park. But next time I’ll make sure I only order when they are serving hot food because I was sadly disappointed.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
West Bretton

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