El Topo

On my to have a nosey at the new Trinity Leeds shopping centre I walked passed street food favourite El Topo and thought a decent bit of street food would fill my empty stomach after a hard days work. I’d had no lunch as usual at work, apart from a couple of biscuits and a cup of tea.


They are normally found on Commercial Street most days and specialise in San Francisco-style burritos and have become a firm favourite in Leeds and at UK festivals. Their serve their burritos with a variety of fillings, e.g. pulled pork, breakfast burrito, chorizo and chicken and vegetarian burritos. All come with a host of  accompaniments and condiments, such as hot sauce, spicy salsa, jalapeños, refried black turtle beans, sour cream, red rice (rice cooked with passata and spices) and cheese. All of this for £5. I’d asked for a pulled pork burrito, but unfortunately they had run out so my second choice was the slow cooked beef. The lady at the hut was really nice and friendly, we had a nice chat while she made my burrito and after a couple of minutes the burrito was wrapped up and ready to be unravelled. It was lovely, the tortilla lovely and warm because she’d put it under a hot press, the beef was so soft and tender but full of flavour, all the accompaniments working perfectly with the beef, with the final addition of hot sauce bringing it to life.


It was well worth the £5 and I was very well satisfied  with the taste, service and value for money. I’ll be back for more definitely!!! I understand they also serve mexican staples like tamales, empanadas and quesadillas. If they are as tasty as the burrito I had today I can’t wait to try something else the next time I walk passed!

El Topo
Commercial Street
Leeds City Centre

3 thoughts on “El Topo”

  1. El Topo can be found at 1 Sovereign Place in a railway arch serving the same burritos.near Leeds train station and the dark arches

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