Angelica @ Trinity Leeds

I’d been looking forward to Trinity Leeds opening for ages and had been keeping tabs on which restaurants were going to open. I’d read a while ago that D&D who own The Bluebird in London and a host of others venues were going to open their first two restaurants outside of London here. We came on the first evening of their ‘soft launch’ and were greeted by a man at the door who led us to a lift up to the 6th floor, we then entered a darkened corridor where we were greeted and waited to be seated at our table. The inside of the restaurant has been fitted to a very high standard by Conran and Partners and has fabulous view across the city. We were greeted very hospitably and taken to our table, ordering a bottle of Soave and some water, both of which were brought to our table within a couple of minutes.

The menu comprises plates (starters), a raw bar which consists of sushi and sashimi, main courses and a salad section. We ordered scallops with chorizo and cauliflower and pork belly with sage and apple sauce. For our main courses we ordered a cockle, clam and mussel white risotto and a ‘Ginger pig’ chopped steak hamburger. The starters arrived quickly and were both very tasty, in particular the pork belly was excellent, the apple chutney being a classic accompaniment worked fantastically well and the pork was soft and tasted great. Even though there was no crackling the top was crisp, but it would’ve been nice to have the salty crackling to crunch through though.

Crisp pork belly with sage and bramley apple.
Crisp pork belly with sage and bramley apple.

My scallops arrived not as I’d expected. I was expecting a cauliflower puree with slices of pan fried chorizo and whole scallops, what I got was chunks of scallops with chopped chorizo and cauliflower florets. It tasty great but looked a little less to be desired. It was a little difficult to eat as they had served it in a shell which kept rolling around.

Scallops with chorizo and cauliflower.
Scallops with chorizo and cauliflower.

Our main courses then arrived , also quite quickly. The burger looked great and came with a side of triple cooked chips (as stated on the menu) and a gherkin. The burger came with a garnish of lettuce, cheese and some sort of pickled onion and had been cooked  pink as requested. Now the taste was excellent, the burger had a strong, robust smoky flavour and the garnish worked well, in particular the cheese. The triple cooked chips were fine and the gherkin on the side a nice extra.

'Ginger pig' chopped steak hamburger.
‘Ginger pig’ chopped steak hamburger.

I’m a big fan of risotto so was looking forward to my main course, the rice was al dente and creamy, with a little bit of give which a good risotto should have. The shellfish was nice, but near the end there was a little bit of the grit, this was a shame as it had been a tasty plate of food.

Cockle, clam and mussel white risotto.
Cockle, clam and mussel white risotto.

We decided to order a dessert and chose the Burnt Cambridge cream (the English version of a Creme Brûlée) and the warm ‘seaside’ doughnuts with vanilla cream and spiced apple (chosen from a range of accompaniments like blackberry compote, whisky custard and warm chocolate sauce).

Burnt Cambridge cream.
Burnt Cambridge cream.
Warm 'seaside' doughnuts with cream and spiced apple.
Warm ‘seaside’ doughnuts with cream and spiced apple.

The creme brûlée was good, with a lovely crisp sugar top but lovely and creamy underneath. While the doughnuts were a bit of fun, little ring doughnuts covered in a vanilla sugar, the vanilla cream and apple were good partners to the doughnuts. Both were polished off within minutes.

We’d eyed up the cocktails being ordered by other people and decided to order a couple ourselves. Unfortunately the good service we had received during the meal had now slowed down considerably and even though we’d asked the waiter for a drinks menu, we had to grab our own after waiting at least 5 minutes because he’d forgotten and was serving other customers. This was a pity because even with a couple of little hiccups we’d enjoyed our meal. It felt that because we’d stopped eating the waiting staff had forgotten we were still paying customers.  It took take at least 10 minutes to order them, after we managed to call someone over and then 10/15 minutes to receive them. Both tasted really good, but for £9 and £8 respectively they were small and after waiting a lengthy amount of time could have been drunk in a couple of minutes. For cocktails there are fantastic places in Leeds like The Maven, Distrikt and Mojo’s so I think I’ll probably stick to those in future.

Hendricks – fresh kiwi and cucumber, Hendricks gin, kiwi schnapps, fresh organic apple juice, elderflower cordial and lime juice.
Sweet velvet.
Sweet velvet – Ketel One vodka, Goji liqueur, fresh pineapple and sweet basil, vanilla syrup, fresh lemon juice and pineapple juice.

I know I maybe harsh (because they’ve just opened) and obviously I don’t know what system they are running, but I was taught that waiting staff should always keep an eye on all the tables in their section until they have paid and left. We were served by a number of different people and there may have been a lack of consistency in service there. I’m sure it’ll improve and they’ll iron out these problems, as from what I saw last night it’s going to be a very popular venue.

In matters other than the food and drink, the starters range from £4-12.50, the sushi and sashimi £5-£28, depending on whether you want a small or full-size portion and the main courses £8.50-£15.

We had the benefit from 50% introductory food offer so our bill total was £72.80 for 2 people. I’m sure we’ll be back, it’ll be a great venue to come to in the warmer months, with it’s terrace and views across Leeds.

Level 6 Trinity Leeds
70 Boar Lane

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