Cafe Moor @ Leeds Kirkgate Market

Cafe Moor sells street food from North Africa and the Middle East in Leeds Kirkgate market. Since opening in January 2013 and had become extremely popular, often having queues of people patiently waiting to get their fix. After having eaten for the first time a couple of months before I started blogging, I thought I’d give in to the temptation of their fantastic food once again.

imageTheir menu consists of starters, e.g. falafel and baba ganouche, chef’s specials e.g. bastilla – a sweet and savoury Morrocan meat pie, Shawarma sandwiches, including the ever popular chicken shawarma, boureks – filled filo pastry parcels, soup, tagines and sweets and pastries.image


I decided on a chicken shawarma meal and a chicken bourek, because I was absolutely ravenous after a day at school. 

I was lucky to get a chicken shawarma as I didn’t arrive at the market till late in the day. I’ve been there at the same time wanting one before, but to walk away disappointed to see that they had run out of chicken. I’d eaten their chicken bourek before and quite fancied one of those as well, so I greedily ordered both!

Chicken shawarma meal
Chicken shawarma meal


Chicken bourek
Chicken bourek

A chicken shawarma can be ordered as a sandwich, where you have an Arabic bread wrap, filled with roasted slices of marinated chicken, garlic sauce, pickles and salad. I was really hungry so ordered the chicken shawarma meal, which includes chips and houmous in a takeaway box. While the bourek is a filo pastry parcel fried lightly and filled with spicy chicken and potato makhouda (Algerian potato cake) served with salad and houmous. Everything is so tasty, the chicken is very moist and full of flavour, the houmous lovely with tahini, the ratio of tahini to chickpeas were just right, not too much that it’s too sweet with sesame. The garlic sauce wasn’t too strong and helps with the houmous to really add flavour to the wrap. The salad keeps everything fresh and the chips hot and crispy on the outside and soft in the middle! Yummy!!!  

The chicken bourek was great too, the filo pastry gently fried so the pastry is crisp and slightly golden. The filling excellent with a slight spicy kick. The food is excellent and it’s not a surprise that it’s been so popular since it opened. I was definitely very full after eating what would be enough for 2 people, but I was a little peckish and probably got carried away but I couldn’t help myself!

They also have lots of their delicious treats on the stall out for customers to order. image image

image image

The man who runs the stall obvious has a passion for the food and can be heard chatting away to customers about it. It’s great seeing these food stalls opening up in the market, hopefully this is the start of good things to come. There is also the caribbean cafe which is cooking up fantastic food too!!

The food is an absolute bargain, really I had a meal for 2 people for £9.50, (£5 for the chicken shawarma meal and £4.50 for the chicken bourek)!!! If you are ever near Kirkgate market you’re really missing out if you don’t give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Cafe Moor
Leeds Kirkgate Market
(Main Vicar Lane Entrance)
0113 247 0569

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