iT Bar and Food Joint

Leeds seems to have seen an increase in American inspired restaurants over the last year, some being more successful than others. For example Johnny Fontane’s on Great George Street, which is now closed and of course Red’s True BBQ which has taken Leeds by storm since opening. The iT bar and food joint opened 6/7 weeks ago, making me wonder if Leeds had room for another one and if the place could hold it’s own. It’s located on the corner of Merrion Street and New Briggate, opposite the Grand Arcade on one side and the Wren’s Hotel on the other.


image image

Their menu isn’t too fussy and complicated, they have self-entitled quick fix snacks like homemade dumplings, a range of burgers, hot dawwgs, wraps, also gumbo and ribs.

image After a quick nosey at the menu I thought I’d ask at the bar for some advice and recommendations. I was afraid the burgers were going to be enormous so asked which was the smallest, after some welcome insider knowledge I chose the iT burger. The bar man also recommended chicken wings, so I picked the salt and pepper wings to start with, hoping I wasn’t being too greedy!

The chicken wings arrived after 5 minutes and they were delicious!

Basket o' Wings with salt and pepper
Basket o’ Wings with salt and pepper

They were crispy, golden in colour and extremely juicy, exactly what I was hoping for!! They didn’t really need any additional sauces, but I added some Cholula hot sauce with chilli and garlic which worked well.  They were so tasty that even though I wanted to just devour them in an instant, I also wanted to take my time so they would last longer!! The phrase ‘finger lickin’ good’ really should be used when it comes to these wings!!! A definite must the next time I pop in!!!

Service was swift and there was a good atmosphere, very relaxed with a mix of music playing in the background, at the right volume so you could still have a conversation without having to talk loudly.

My iT burger arrived not long after my wings had been cleared, thankfully it wasn’t ridiculously big as I had imagined. The barman had done me a favour and it looked manageable.

iT burger - beef patty, monterey jack, streaky bacon, pickles, beef tomato, iceberg lettuce and iT secret sauce
iT burger – beef patty, Monterey Jack, streaky bacon, pickles, beef tomato, iceberg lettuce and iT secret sauce

It came with fries which were seasoned with a light dusting of paprika adding a nice smoky flavour. The burger was really tasty, if you’ve followed my blog from the start you’ll know that I wouldn’t normally order a burger; but this was yummy. The beef patty was thick and generous in size, still moist and flavourful. The bacon thickly sliced with a lovely saltiness which helped to cut through the Monterey jack cheese and their very own secret sauce. Two large pickles also adding seasoning, while the tomato and iceberg lettuce (still nice and crisp) kept it lovely and fresh. The glazed bun which held it all together was lovely and soft.

image image

My total bill was £20.15 (food and a large glass of wine), without tip. The place is relaxed and unpretentious, the service is quick and food is a good quality. After wondering if this place could hold it’s own against other American-themed restaurants, I went home thinking it actually made a nice change to them. I’ll be back to have more of those chicken wings and to try out some of the other yummy sounding delights on the menu. I think the shrimp po’ boy has my name written all over it.

iT bar and food joint
57-59 New Briggate
0113 246 9080

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