Life in the Light??

I walked through the Light in Leeds city centre after work and noticed that so many of the shops are closed now, some of them have moved to Trinity Leeds, e.g. Joy and Philip Stoner, others have closed for other reasons, such as the Body Shop. Most of the units on the upper floor are empty which is a real shame, since Trinity opened it has seemed a little less busy. There are still lots of restaurants though like chain restaurants Browns and Zizzi, but also independent La Bottega Milanese. La Bottega Milanese is an Italian espresso bar which also sells Italian patisserie, sandwiches and pastas. I hadn’t been in a while, I may have been a little seduced by the Trinity effect, but I hadn’t forgotten about this little gem.



I ordered a latte and an aubergine parmigiana to eat in. I couldn’t stop looking at the fantastic cakes and pastries they have on display, promising myself that I would have to have a sweet treat before I left!!image image image

It wasn’t too busy so service was quick and my latte was ready in a couple of minutes. I am not a coffee expert by any means, to be honest I’m more of a tea drinker, but I do like a latte, mine was lovely. The parmigiana which is already made was quickly zapped in a microwave and served with salad. My parmigiana, yes blasted in a microwave but still tasted very good, the salad was fresh and for just £5 isn’t bad, considering it tastes good and you really do not wait very long. For me a good parmigiana should be like comfort food, a bit of stodge with soft, not overly salty aubergines and not oily! It was very moreish with a good layer of cheese on top, a nice saltiness from parmesan! It all went down quickly, I was even a very good girl and ate all my salad too!

Aubergine parmigiana
Aubergine parmigiana
Caffe latte
Caffe latte

I wasn’t going to leave without having a little sweet snack so I ordered what I think is a Sfogliatelle. They are shaped like little shells and have lots of layers. This was filled with a lemon cream and the pastry was lovely and crunchy.

Sfogliatelle - lobster tails filled with a lemon cream.
Sfogliatelle – lobster tails filled with a lemon cream.

In total, my early tea was £8.70.  Pretty decent really! Even though Trinity Leeds has opened with a plethora of eateries and coffee shops, we mustn’t forget there are still lots of other decent places to have a decent drink and a nice spot of food in Leeds.

La Bottega Milanese
The Light
The Headrow
0113 2454242

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