Handmade Heaven @ Indie Ices

Went to try out some Indie Ices at the newly opened Handpicked Hall in the Grand Arcade in Leeds today. Had read about Indie Ices and their award winning products and was gutted to miss them at the Leeds food festival. So after a conversation on twitter, I’d said I was going to come and visit, in particular to seek an after work treat!

Indie Ices, a company set up in Roundhay four years ago make ice-creams, but if you’re thinking they are run of the mill ice-cream, you’d be badly mistaken. These are Indian Kulfi’s and Lassi’s with a difference.

IMG_4147 IMG_4148

Run by Lancastrian Mike Tattersall, this concept was developed after being shown how to make Mango Kulfi from a family recipe. Their first product would be one of a string of award-winning products (14 in total Great Taste Awards). I knew that I would have to wait till after work to try one, so said I’d definitely visit Friday because I didn’t want them sell out before I got there! I was really hankering to try out their Mango Kulfi and my god was it worth waiting for!!! The flavour was wonderful, like a huge mango hit in a tub. Kulfi’s are supposed to be very creamy, which this most certainly was. It immediately reminded me of a memorable holiday in Cuba, where we ate mangoes galore. Basically I had a gorgeous pot of loveliness in the palm of my hand!!!


Award-winning Mango Kulfi
Award-winning Mango Kulfi

From one recipe Mike has developed lots of fantastic award-winning flavours, e.g. Champagne, Cardamom and Saffron and Pistachio to name a few. He’s worked with some of the best Indian restaurants in the area and is also looking to find restaurants, markets and festivals where he can sell his products. I really hoping this happens because they are something special. He’s recently bought a Tuk Tuk to sell them in which is really fun and quirky, so I’m definitely going to keep an eye on twitter to see where the Tuk Tuk goes next on its travels!!

Indie Ices

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