Primo’s Gourmet Hotdogs @ Corn Exchange

I wanted to find out what the fuss was about when it came to Primo’s Gourmet Hot dogs, they’d been set up in the Corn Exchange for a few years and for no real reason had I thought to eat there. But after reading positive things on twitter and from getting the gig as it were at the newly opened First Direct Arena, I thought to myself it might be worth giving them a chance.


I was meeting a friend there for lunch, he’d eaten there when it first opened, but had been very disappointed first time round, avoiding it since then. We met after the lunchtime rush, it seemed that way as there were a few empty baskets and used napkins on tables. This was a little off putting I must admit. So, we decided to sit inside instead where it was also a little cooler. Primo’s prides itself in serving gourmet hot dogs, so even though they also serve bagels and sandwiches we were definitely opting for their speciality.

After asking for menus we quickly ordered Utah and Mexicana hotdogs with French fries and a couple of drinks. I’d seen from the table next to us that the dogs looked quite appealing and I was looking forward to taking my first bite.


Our freshly made hotdogs arrived and they looked good, sitting very cosily in their baskets.

Utah – Bratwurst with caramelised onions, Monterey Jack cheese and crispy bacon
Mexicana – beef Frankfurter with sour cream, guacamole, salsa and jalapeño
French fries
French fries

The hot dogs looked great, but when it comes to eating them I’m always a little worried about how to tackle it. What if it’s too big and I can’t hold it properly will the toppings fall off and land all over me and on the floor? Luckily the size was manageable and I didn’t make too much of a fool out of myself. Ok, from the first bite into my dog I found the bread was lovely and very soft, freshly baked. The Bratwurst sausage had a good meaty texture and decent flavour. It was topped with plenty of Monterey Jack cheese which had become lovely and stretchy, while the bacon worked well giving up its saltiness to the hotdog. Last but no means least were the caramelised onions which were soft and flavoursome, they also had a fantastic sticky cooking juice that kept the whole thing really moist, whether this was intentional or not it certainly worked for me! My friends Mexicana hotdog was also found to be tasty, much to his surprise especially after his one and only encounter with Primo’s wasn’t a memorable one. The Frankfurter was tasty with a generous combination of toppings, the jalapeños worked well providing a little heat and the sour cream balanced this out, while the salsa and guacamole gave the hotdog all the characteristics of Mexican food on a hotdog. Oh, I shouldn’t forget about the French fries, cut more like chips and cooked really well!! Very tasty and moreish!!

So we were both happy with our food, what it could do to improve things would maybe to provide hand wipes and have more visible menus up on the walls, this would save the need for asking for menus.

In total for 2 hotdogs with fries and 2 soft drinks it came to just under £15. I’d recommend Primo’s for a decent, cheap and tasty lunch!!

Primo’s Gourmet Hot dogs

The Corn Exchange

42 Call Lane



0113 345 8901

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