An evening @ Eric’s Restaurant, Huddersfield

It’s the last week of the school summer holidays and we are having a family get-together, I’d organised dinner out with the adult siblings in the family. This happens just a few times a year so I wanted us to eat where we could have a good feed!! I’d read a review on Eric’s Restaurant a few weeks ago about how amazing their Sunday lunch had been, and by coincidence when I looked into it further found that the place had been named the Good Food Guide Readers’ Restaurant of the Year for the North East 2014.

Since the restaurant opened in 2010, its built up a very faithful following from locals, bloggers and restaurant reviewers alike!! It sounded like an excellent choice to have family dinner. The owner Eric Paxman has worked with some notable chefs in the past, including Marco Pierre White and Bill Granger so has learned from some of the best in the business. The restaurant is in Lindley, Huddersfield, I had no idea where it was at all, but the lads who went to 6th form college nearby were more familiar with the area.

IMG_4074 IMG_4072 On entering the restaurant we were welcomed straight into their bar/waiting area, I noticed the place has been decorated very tastefully and looked very comfortable. We’d ordered a bottle of Prosecco which was light and crisp, a good way to start our evening. This allowed us some time to peruse the menu, I thought their menu looked very good and had something for everyone, with 9 starters, 8 main courses to choose from and lots of variety in terms of main ingredients. It took a few minutes for some of us to choose just because everything sounded so mouthwateringly good on the page. We finally chose our starters and some wine and were happily tucking into the lovely soft bread that was brought to our table.

Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Our starters were brought over and I was immediately impressed by the generous portion sizes, I’d ordered the scallops and had never been given 4 scallops in a starter before, quite unusual I thought! Everyone was really pleased tucking in happily and I thought mine was particularly yummy. Perfectly cooked, the scallops slightly opaque and soft in the middle, lovely crust on the outside, the relish with its peppers were a good match for the delicate scallops and didn’t overpower the main ingredient. The spring roll was crisp and had a generous filling of crab, carrots and ginger. Other comments on the starters were that the pig cheeks were very tender, the sticky sauce was sweet and not too sickly. The Bolster Moor farm black pudding was one of the highlights of the evening, it was lovely and soft with just the right amount of flavour. The halloumi cheese was said to be the best they’d ever had. The seabass dish was also found to very good, lovely and crisp with a delicate amount of spice. It was felt that more spice could have been used, as the apricot and cumin chutney was more than a match for the seabass and overpowered the delicate flavour of the fish. All in all it was a good introduction to the food at Eric’s and I was hoping it would give us an indication of the quality and portion size of food we would receive for the main course.

Pan fired King scallops, crab, carrot and ginger spring roll, sweet corn and red pepper relish
Pan fired King scallops, crab, carrot and ginger spring roll, sweet corn and red pepper relish
Sticky braised pig cheeks, potato rosti, "Bolster Moor Farm black pudding, apple,  tarragon jus and crispy shallots
Sticky braised pig cheeks, potato rosti, “Bolster Moor Farm black pudding, apple, tarragon jus and crispy shallots
Toasted halloumi, paperdelle pasta, piperade and basil pesto, shallow fired basil crisps and Kalamata olives
Toasted halloumi, paperdelle pasta, piperade and basil pesto, shallow fired basil crisps and Kalamata olives
Crisp tandoori seabass, apricot and  cumin chutney, cucumber and mint raita
Crisp tandoori seabass, apricot and cumin chutney, cucumber and mint raita

Well I wasn’t wrong on the portion sizes, it seems like generous portions are the way to go here at Eric’s and long may it continue!!! When I was brought my dish I said ‘wow, there is no way I can eat all of this’ as it was massive.

Fillet of locally reared pork fillet and confit belly, creamy mash, buttered cabbage, french black pudding and apple jellies
Fillet of locally reared pork fillet and confit belly, creamy mash, buttered cabbage, french black pudding and apple jellies
Chargrilled 28 aged 'Bolster Moor Farm' fillet steak, sautéed woodland mushrooms, roasted tomato and triple cooked chips
Chargrilled 28 aged ‘Bolster Moor Farm’ fillet steak, sautéed woodland mushrooms, roasted tomato and triple cooked chips
Pan fried fillet of hake, tomato fondue, braised fennel and kalamata olives, wilted spinach, potato gnocchi and saffron aioli
Pan fried fillet of hake, tomato fondue, braised fennel and kalamata olives, wilted spinach, potato gnocchi and saffron aioli
Roast rump of lamb, buttered Cavalo nero , chargrilled courgettes and home cooked beetroot, garlic and rosemary dauphinoise, roasting juices
Roast rump of lamb, buttered Cavalo nero , chargrilled courgettes and home cooked beetroot, garlic and rosemary dauphinoise, roasting juices
Chargrilled tuna steak, sauteed Cornish new potatoes, braised red peppers, french beans and avocado mayonnaise
Chargrilled tuna steak, sauteed Cornish new potatoes, braised red peppers, french beans and avocado mayonnaise

As you can see all dishes were again extremely generous in terms of portion size but also with presentation. They looked fantastic and very appetising. I loved my dish but knew there was no chance of me eating it all as it was so big. I’d ordered the pork dish, the fillet was excellent, no hint of dryness here which can be the case with poorly cooked meat. This was moist, succulent and had a yummy sweetness. The belly pork was as tender as you would expect with this cut of meat and had a salty crackling which was tasty, (not quite as good as my mam or dad’s but not many are). The apple jellies were a perfect partner with the pork and gave a nice sharpness to the whole dish, with yummy black pudding, creamy mash, well cooked greens and a rich, glossy sauce to die for it was certainly a well loved dish, not just by myself, but by two others who helped me to finish it off!!! Other examples of comments from the rest of the table were the fillet steak was well cooked, medium rare as requested, it came with a huge basket of excellent triple cooked chips, lovely and crisp while the potato still had plenty of give in the centre. It had a very tasty sauce on the side which bound all the ingredients together, it looked like an aioli of some sort but I can’t be sure. The tuna was perfectly cooked, pink in the middle and the lamb was moist with rosemary dauphinoise which were a real winner. To be honest I think that all the main courses were much appreciated by all diners involved and everyone was extremely full. But this didn’t stop some of the party wanting desserts. They offer a short and concise selection to choose from, all £5.50.

Creme brûlée with mixed berries and shortbread
Creme brûlée with mixed berries and shortbread
Selection of ice-cream
Selection of ice-cream

I assumed the salted caramel and chocolate ice-cream were extremely tasty, as sat next to me was a diner who didn’t really utter a single word during the dessert course, apart from saying how yummy the big the portion was. I think there’s a general consensus that when the dinner table is quiet that’s a good indication of tasty food being eaten. This was a great example of that! The creme brûlée was also well received, with its perfectly thin, crisp, caramelised sugar top. Lovely and warm in the middle, deliciously creamy with lots of vanilla. It was polished off in a matter of minutes. In matters other than the food the place had a really nice atmosphere, there was a very cosy feel to the upstairs dining room which was furnished very tastefully. It’s definitely a popular place as this was a Wednesday evening and the place was full. Eric himself even came into the dining room on many occasions bringing dishes to tables and helping to clear up too!! The service from good overall, with the waiting times for food from the kitchen low and we were never waiting too long for the next course. What could be improved in the future was the amount of information waiting staff have on what’s run out, this happened a couple of times during the evening with wine and desserts. The waiting staff had to keep returning to tell us what we’d ordered had run out, where I felt that if they were regularly updated this would make service flow a little better. This is a slight niggle as I found the service was very pleasant and friendly. The total cost of dinner was £280 for 5 people, including a generous tip. Food: large portions, cooked well, varied and interesting menu. Service: good, at times need more fluid communication in terms of what’s available. Atmosphere: lovely, cosy feel, tasteful and modern decor. Value for money: certainly not the cheapest of dinners, but great for a special occasion. If you want something lighter on the pocket, they offer an early bird menu at just £17.95 for 2 courses and £21.95 for 3. Also there’s a fixed lunch menu at £14.95 or £15.95.

Eric’s Restaurant
75 Lidget St
West Yorkshire
01484 646416

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Mallow heaven!!!

Did any of see you a feature on Marshmallows on BBC Look North a couple of weeks ago. These new little objects of my desire are called Art of Mallow and are made by a lady called Philippa Quayle in her Leeds kitchen. I knew I could get my hands on some in Roundhay, and by coincidence I ventured up to Roundhay Park with the best mate and toddler for a day out. We had a very tasty lunch at Haley and Clifford, a previous winner of Deli of the Year in 2012 and champion of local Yorkshire produce, including Art of Mallow.

We had some great hot paninis and goats cheese tart, but I couldn’t leave without buying an Indie Ices mango lassi and a bag of Art of Mallow marshmallows. After watching the televised slot on Look North I just had to try some for myself. Best. Decision. Ever!!!

Raspberry ripple marshmallow
Raspberry ripple marshmallow

You’ve just got to try them to believe how good these cubes of deliciousness are!!! I gave them a little squidge in the bag and they felt soooo soft and when I took a bite the flavour was fabulous. I’d bought a bag of ‘A Right Raspberry Ripple’, packed with so many air bubbles making them as light as a feather. They were just like puffed up pillows!!! Don’t ever buy another bag of marshmallows unless they are from Art of Mallow if you can help it!!

A measure of how good these little gems are is that the Raspberry Ripple mallows have recently been awarded a gold star in the Great Taste Awards!! I cannot wait to get my hands on some more!!
43 Street Lane
Leeds LS8 1AP
Tel: 0113 2370334

The Treehouse Restaurant @ The Alnwick Garden- guest post by Katherine Howe

Having never been to Northumberland for more than a stop off my boyfriend decided to take me back to his homeland for a few days to visit the sights and nosh of the ‘Great North East’ he regularly talks about. As both of us are huge Harry Potter fans he decided to take me to Alnwick Castle and its surrounding gardens which were used as Hogwarts in the first two of the Harry Potter film series. Having ventured around the castle and its beautiful gardens (despite the torrential rain and getting trapped in a maze!) we stumbled across what is known as the ‘Treehouse’. As we had already disappointingly eaten back at the castle (some stupidly expensive dodgy BBQ burgers) we thought that we could come back here in the evening as our hotel was only a few miles away.


The Treehouse restaurant boasts a magical, unique yet romantic atmosphere of Swiss Family Robinson, Neverland and the French Alps all combined into one! Another great aspect that the Treehouse restaurant is extremely proud of is that all its produce is farmed locally. As we arrived and walked up the gentle slope that takes you into this magical world we were 25 minutes early for our booking. A Maître’d was already waiting and so we were escorted into a separate bar which by day serves lunch, snacks and drinks. As we were seated a waitress was already handing us a menu (which was £32.95 for 3 courses with and additional £6 for the fillet steak) and taking our drinks order. Throughout the entire evening the staff were attentive and friendly making the entire visit not just about the food, but making sure we had an enjoyable experience.

image image

After two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc I was starting to feel ready for dinner. We were escorted into the main restaurant, which just completely blew us away. The entire space was entwined with tree branches coming through (of course) the wooden flooring and fairy lights it was like Peter Pan and the lost boys treehouse. Everything was rustic and authentic from the furniture and menus being made from wood to the smell of wood burning, yet there was something comfy and cosy about the surroundings and with the sounds of the 1940s Jazz era playing in the background, it was the perfect atmosphere. Considering it was a Monday night the place was filled with couples and yet for so many people in there the small hubble of conversation was an ideal atmosphere.

Having already ordered our starters and mains in the bar, within minutes of us sitting down in the restaurant we were being served our food. Knowing that there were three courses ahead of me I just ordered the selection of breads with balsamic vinegar in oil. Served on a wooden board was a selection of plain breads and Stilton with walnut bread that just melted in your mouth.

A selection of breads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
A selection of breads, including Stilton and walnut bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Dan decided to opt for the pigeon pastrami, as he had never tried it. Although he said it was a little dry it was beautifully pink as it was garnished. It came on a bed of bruschetta with pickled red cabbage, mustard cress, salted caramel walnut and crunchy pickles.

Pigeon pastrami pickled red cabbage, mustard cress, salted caramel walnut and crunchy pickles
Pigeon pastrami, pickled red cabbage, mustard cress, salted caramel walnut and crunchy pickles

Having left us to enjoy our starters at a steady pace staff were eager to clear our empty plates to make way for our main courses. Although we waited half an hour between the first and second course it did not affect our evening as we were soaking in the ambiance and mesmerised by the setting.

After what seemed a fairly short wait (I had ordered yet another Sauvignon!) our main courses arrived. Having had such a poor attempt at a cheeseburger earlier that day (I had two bites Dan ate the rest, can you tell he’s a food loving burly fireman?!?) I was really in the mood for some really good quality fillet steak (as was Dan), and my god was it quality! Served on a bed of oyster mushroom, whole confit of garlic, roasted bone marrow butter, potato rosti and pan jus.

6 oz fillet of beef with oyster mushroom, whole confit of garlic, roasted bone marrow butter, potato rosti, pan jus
6 oz fillet of beef with oyster mushroom, whole confit of garlic, roasted bone marrow butter, potato rosti, pan jus
Sweet potato fries with coriander yoghurt
Sweet potato fries with coriander yoghurt

The steak was cooked to my liking of medium quality and just melted in my mouth (I have never seen Dan eat so slowly!). We also ordered a portion of sweet potato fries with coriander mayonnaise, which were so beautifully crisp. Having not left an ounce of food on our plates we were ready to order dessert (which I was starting to question whether I could fit as I was feeling pretty full!). I ordered the baked chocolate mousse that came with rhubarb candy, stem ginger cream filled doughnut, chocolate sorbet, although there was not an ounce of ‘mousse’ or sorbet in sight (they obviously had none as it came with a ball of vanilla ice cream) it was still delightful.

Baked chocolate mousse with rhubarb candy, stem ginger cream filled doughnut, chocolate sorbet
Baked chocolate mousse with rhubarb candy, stem ginger cream filled doughnut, chocolate sorbet

The chocolate ‘mousse’ came out as two small SOLID squares of dark chocolate which looked more like tiny brownies that just melted on my tongue however in my opinion what spoilt it was the doughnut (I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts) and it did not really compliment the dark rich chocolate that was alongside of it. Nevertheless there was not too much food and once again with the assistance of Dan none of it went to waste. Speaking of which Dan had definitely opted for the fuzzy end of the lollipop, he ordered a selection of sorbet that was marinated melon, and vanilla crumb which was in his words ‘refreshing and the palette cleanser’ he needed. I’m a firm believer that if you order a dessert it needs to be rich or do not bother. Sorbet to me is an ‘in-between course’ palette cleanser but regardless of this Dan really enjoyed it and presentation wise it looked lovely as came in a tall Martini glass.

Selection of sorbet marinated melon, vanilla crumb
Selection of sorbet marinated melon, vanilla crumb

Overall combining the quality of the food, the service and the entire ambiance of the evening it has to be one of the most ideal and hopefully memorable meals I have experienced. The final bill came to around £93 not including service charge which I think was worth every penny but not exactly ideal for those on a tight budget, however like I said earlier in the article you can still gain the experience of ‘being in the treehouse’ during the day for much less.

It is definitely a place you go for an occasion and ours was Dan completing a 126 mile bike ride the day before for the bike for Bobby Robson sportif around Newcastle. From the moment we arrived at the Treehouse I knew that we would be looked after by the attentive staff that made every part a memorable and enjoyable experience.

10/10 in regards to the quality of food and experience.

The Alnwick Garden
Denwick Lane
NE66 1YU
01665 511350


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Solo dining @ The Reliance, Leeds

It was Friday late afternoon and I was home alone, plans with the best mate were cancelled and my husband was visiting his best mate. So what to do for dinner, I couldn’t be bothered cooking for one so went to the old faithful twitter for advice in my moment of need!! Thankfully @LeedsFoodnDrink came to the rescue. They asked if I to wanted to stay in or go out and I’d replied the latter. I realised the other day after reading an article about dining solo that I’m more than happy dining out alone just as much as I do with my mates, I don’t really know why that is, but I do. A few minutes later they tweeted back suggesting the Reliance. I’ve been to the Reliance many times and always had a good time whether it be a sunday brunch/lunch/dinner, so when the suggestion popped up on my twitter feed I quickly said ‘yes’.

The Reliance is a gastro pub found in Leeds city centre on a corner of North Street at the end of town. It’s been around for years now and has a very faithful following amongst Leeds folk.IMG_3960

I headed into town and arrived before it got too busy, it was Friday evening and all so I knew if I was going on spec I’d need to head down early-ish. The Reliance always has a very relaxed feel to it, it has a nice open bar area, the main dining room is up a few steps, a private dining room for parties and a smaller sitting room with comfy leather chairs. The place is very open with lots of light coming from it’s huge windows, and the main dining room has really blossomed since they knocked a wall down and made the space a lot bigger. The kitchen is far more open than it used to be and feels like a more welcoming space. The place is decked out simply with lots of wooden tables and mismatched chairs which I like, it’s not pretending to be something it isn’t.


They have a lovely menu, not just the usual pub grub, they try to a bit more adventurous and even produce their own charcuterie in situ, using Yorkshire rare breed meat. I was so tempted to have a little platter to start with, but I thought better of it having already spoken about it glowingly at another Leeds favourite Friends of Ham. The Reliance provide the Fennel Salami and Coppa for their delicious Yorkshire Board.

After a long look at the menu and their specials board, I finally chose the cod and crab cake followed by the aubergine parmigiana. I’d had parmigiana in a few other eateries in town and thought it would be interesting to compare them.

I happily tucked into the fresh bread that was placed on my table while the starter was being prepared. I was really looking forward to it and when it arrived I was very happy. They were great, perfectly cooked little fish cakes, really moist and both main components were balanced and their flavours could be picked out with ease. I really liked the smokey chilli jam, the smokiness really came through, but didn’t mask the flavour of the fish and the chilli gave a huge smack of heat to the dish. My only gripe would be that I wish the portion size was a little bigger, with three fish cakes instead of two, as they were small.

Crab and cod cakes with smoked chilli jam
Crab and cod cakes with smoked chilli jam

The aubergine parmigiana arrived, first it was a little difficult to eat just because of the pot it was baked in, it was very tomatoey and had a lot of sauce, quite a bit of cheese and the aubergine tasted good but wasn’t as soft as I may have expected it to be. The caponata was nice and chunky, I’m not the greatest lover of olives, so I could pick them out and eat the capers, onions and aubergines which were lovely and soft, but still retain some of the umaminess from the olives. The caponata had a nice sharpness to it, and wasn’t swimming in oil which was a good thing. I loved the focaccia, I think it was the best bit, lovely and soft middle, with good flavour from olives and was great for mopping up the tasty oil from the caponata and tomato sauce in my pot. I’ve eaten parmigiana in a few other places in town and this tasted good, but I preferred the others just because I like a little less sauce and for slightly softer aubergine.

Aubergine parmigiana, Reliance baked focaccia and caponata
Aubergine parmigiana, Reliance baked focaccia and caponata

The service is always good here, whether you’re at the bar or eating, they are friendly, relaxed and informative when needed. I especially like the staff here because they don’t fuss around you. Apart from the food they are marked highly in the drinks stakes, with a good wine list and arguably an even better beer and lager list. It’s got lots of variety and the place host guest ales and ciders on a regular basis, making use of the talent from local independent breweries.

IMG_3973 IMG_3963

Next week they are holding an evening with Knaresborough based Rooster’s Brewery, showcasing their food in a four course menu and food matching with their ales.


I’d recommend The Reliance, it’s a place where you can sit and read your morning paper with a coffee, have a lazy lunch whilst people watching with friends, have dinner and stay into the evening or dine solo like I did. Total cost was £19.40 (without service charge).

Food: Tasty

Service: Great

Atmosphere: Relaxed, informal

Value for money: More than you’d pay for in a bog standard pub, but tastes great!

The Reliance
76-78 North St
Leeds LS2 7PN
0113 295 6060

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Dim Sum reward @ Oriental City, Leeds

Yes, I may be on my school summer holidays, but I’d like to think I’m not one to take things easy, I always like to fill my days doing fun things. One not so fun that I’m doing at the moment is training for my first marathon, the Yorkshire Marathon in October. I’ve been running for a couple of years now and have some half marathons and 10K’s under my belt. Yesterday my target was to run 17 miles for the first time, it was a hard slog and by the end of it I was absolutely knackered, my right ankle ached and I was starving. When I’m lacking energy I always tend to want food that I’m comfortable with, home comforts really. It was nearly lunch time so I thought to myself that lunch should be tasty and filling. I wanted Chinese as that’s what I think of as comfort food for me.

Instead of going to my usual restaurant Maxi’s off Kirkstall Road, I decided to go to Oriental City off Cross  Stamford Street. The Oriental City Restaurant is part of the Sing-Ying Group which imports anything and everything oriental throughout the North of England. They say their chefs from Hong Kong have over 40 years of experience in the kitchens producing their Cantonese and Sichuan dishes.

The restaurant opened in 2007 but I’d never heard of the place until I’d read something a month ago, I used my sat-nav to find my way there as I probably would’ve have got lost in Sheepscar otherwise. From the road you would never really guess it’s there as the building it’s in doubles as a Chinese supermarket, arguably the largest in Leeds.


The car park is very small and I was very lucky that I managed to squeeze my tiny car in a small space. The restaurant is found on the first floor and on entering it I saw a large dimly-lit room, with it’s black tiled ceiling and lots of the customary large round tables with the rotating tops for big groups. Staff were friendly and efficient, as always seems to be the case in Chinese restaurants. I’d asked for the dim sum menu and I was quickly shown a table and given a pen and dim sum tick-sheet, like the ones you would get in Hong-Kong so I could choose exactly what I wanted.


The good/bad thing about these tick-sheets is you can really go over board on your order. A large table in front of me (6 adults and 4 children) had ordered vast amounts from the lunch menu and stacks of steamed dim sum as well, far too much food. I can’t really say much because as usual my eyes were much bigger than my belly and I chose 4 items off the menu myself!! I knew I’d have no chance of eating it all, but I’m not afraid to take some goodies in a doggy-bag back home.

Being A’level results day there were quite a few large parties (all Chinese) also dining, so there was a busy atmosphere in the restaurant. With all of my dishes being steamed they normally take at least 10 minutes before they are ready, so I settled down to drinking some Chinese tea.

Ha gau - steamed prawn dumplings
Ha gau – steamed prawn dumplings
Sui mai - steamed pork and prawn dumplings
Sui mai – steamed pork and prawn dumplings
Lo mai gai - steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaves
Lo mai gai – steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaves
Steamed glutinous rice with pork, chicken and prawn
Steamed glutinous rice with pork, chicken and prawn
Beef cheung fun - rice rolls filled with beef
Beef cheung fun – rice rolls filled with beef


The first dishes to arrive where the ha gau, sui mai and lo mai gai, brought into the traditional bamboo steamers that they would have been cooked in. All piping hot and looked great. I went for the ha gau and sui first as they tend to cool down the quickest. The ha gau are made with rice flour and filled with a mixture of prawns and bamboo shoots. When perfectly cooked the rice flour casing should be translucent and thin enough so the delicate pink of the prawn shows through. These were lovely, the wrappers were really thin and the prawn was sweet. The sui mai are made with a casing very similar to wonton wrappers, they may even be wonton wrappers filled with a pork and prawn mix, Chinese mushrooms topped with a small piece of carrot. These were lovely and meaty, the chinese mushrooms giving a really tasty woody flavour to them. Usually there’s a seasoning of rice wine/soy sauce mix which give the filling a mild salty flavour. The rice wine tempering the saltiness of the soy. The lo mai gai were really yummy, lotus leaves filled with sticky, glutinous rice, chicken, pork, chinese mushroom and shrimps. It’s strange how tastes change as you get older as these weren’t really favourite of mine as a child, I remember my father used to love ordering these on Sundays. But now I really like them. The meat is lovely and tender, full of flavour from the mushrooms and shrimps. A great combination. Last but by no means least were the beef cheung fun, these are streamed rice noodle rolls which can be plain or filled with a variety of ingredients (shrimp, king prawn, beef, char sui), I’d gone for the beef variety. When they arrived I noticed the rice noodle wasn’t as thin as I would normally like it, so when cooked you can see the filling inside. The flavour of this dish comes from the filling and the sweet soy sauce which is poured over the top. The filling was tasty but I would say that I’ve had better cheung fun elsewhere. Nevertheless I’d had a tasty lunch, I could only manage to eat two thirds and could not fit another thing in my belly. Realising I was defeated I asked for some takeaway boxes to pack away the rest of my meal which I couldn’t finish.

Service was attentive enough, even though it was fairly busy with the larger tables requiring attention, mainly because of the number of dishes that were being ordered.

The total cost of my lunch was £14.40 (without service charge), considering I had enough to take away with me shows thats its really good value for money. I’d recommend the place and next time would like to try it out on a busy Saturday night and go for dishes from the full menu.

Food: Tasty and filling, mostly very good, cheung fun could be better.

Value for money: Good, lots of food for not much money! They offer a great deal for business lunch (3 courses for £5.80)

Atmosphere: Good, fairly busy with lots of chat from large groups of families.

Service: Efficient when needed.

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