Mallow heaven!!!

Did any of see you a feature on Marshmallows on BBC Look North a couple of weeks ago. These new little objects of my desire are called Art of Mallow and are made by a lady called Philippa Quayle in her Leeds kitchen. I knew I could get my hands on some in Roundhay, and by coincidence I ventured up to Roundhay Park with the best mate and toddler for a day out. We had a very tasty lunch at Haley and Clifford, a previous winner of Deli of the Year in 2012 and champion of local Yorkshire produce, including Art of Mallow.

We had some great hot paninis and goats cheese tart, but I couldn’t leave without buying an Indie Ices mango lassi and a bag of Art of Mallow marshmallows. After watching the televised slot on Look North I just had to try some for myself. Best. Decision. Ever!!!

Raspberry ripple marshmallow
Raspberry ripple marshmallow

You’ve just got to try them to believe how good these cubes of deliciousness are!!! I gave them a little squidge in the bag and they felt soooo soft and when I took a bite the flavour was fabulous. I’d bought a bag of ‘A Right Raspberry Ripple’, packed with so many air bubbles making them as light as a feather. They were just like puffed up pillows!!! Don’t ever buy another bag of marshmallows unless they are from Art of Mallow if you can help it!!

A measure of how good these little gems are is that the Raspberry Ripple mallows have recently been awarded a gold star in the Great Taste Awards!! I cannot wait to get my hands on some more!!
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