Product review: Wharfdale Valley Farm Rapeseed Oil

I started using Rapeseed oil after a friend of mine worked on a Rapeseed farm one summer in 2012, she happily promoted its health benefits – I got sucked in and have used it ever since. Not only is it good for your health, but it’s also great for cooking, with its high smoking point of 220°C, it’s incredibly versatile, from salad dressings, mayonnaise, baking to frying and roasting.
Now Yorkshire produces some of the best Rapeseed oil around, in particular from Wharfe Valley Farm based in Collingham, near Wetherby. The Kilby family are farmers who have been in Collingham since the 60’s. They started growing the grain in the early 80’s with the aim of producing a finished product of pressed Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil. Wharfe Valley Farm Rapeseed oil is grown in Yorkshire using traditional methods of ‘swathing’ and chemical free harvesting, producing an oil possessing a lovely nutty flavour and packed full of natural goodness. IMG_4878 Before I started using Rapeseed oil, I for one had this preconceived idea that olive oil was the healthier of the oils, but Rapeseed oil seems to win hands down in terms of health benefits. Such as having the lowest saturated fat content of any oil with less than half that of olive oil, and also 10 times more Omega 3. It’s a good source of Vitamin E, high in monounsaturated fats, possesses no artificial preservatives and is also trans-fat and GM free.
On their website they have included some recipes to use the Rapeseed oil for: 

Teriyaki Salmon with Coriander Mayonnaise
Prawn and Crayfish Cocktail
Home Made Lemon Hummus
Hazelnut Torte
Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia Bread
Herby Beer Battered Lemon Sole Goujons and Rapeseed Tartare Sauce

I’ve used the oil for typical chinese stir fries, e.g. rice noodles with steak and greens, it’s ideal for this as the oil get reach a high enough temperature not to slow down the cooking process, and it also has a delicate flavour. Also my take on the Fuji Hiro staple of chicken katsu curry, always comes out crisp, golden and juicy deep fried in Rapeseed oil. I think now armed with a list of other recipes I need to try some of these out, maybe the lemon sole goujons (gluten free style for the other half) with a tartare sauce).

If you’ve never used Rapeseed Oil you might surprise yourself and won’t go back to using standard vegetable oils again.
NB. The Rapeseed oil was provided free of charge for reviewing, so my honest, unbiased viewpoint has been used while writing this review.

Wharfe Valley Farms
West Yorkshire
LS22 5BA
01937 572084


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