Featured in Olive Magazine this month!

Forgive me if I sound a little giddy, it’s just because a few months ago I wrote a little piece as part of an article for Olive Magazine, and it’s in the latest February issue! This is a pretty big thing for me, as it is the first time I’ve done something like this.

The idea of the article is for 10 UK food bloggers to suggest where’s great to eat out on different budgets (£10, £20 and £30). It was very hard to whittle it down to my chosen three, and I must admit some restaurants had to fight it out in my own head. There was certainly a lot of toing and froing!! As Leeds has a plethora of fantastic eateries in my opinion, there could have been lots of other restaurants I could easily have picked in some of the categories, but I’m happy with them. The way the food and drink scene is changing at the moment in Leeds, I wouldn’t be surprised if my choices keep changing though!

Apart from my selection of restaurants in Leeds, other cities of the UK included are Brighton, Cardiff, Bath, London, Oxford, Nottingham, Liverpool, Glasgow and Belfast. It certainly gives me a  long list of where to try out next on my jaunts around the UK!!

The February issue of Olive magazine is available to buy now, so if you want to find out my three choices, pick up a copy like I did today!

4 thoughts on “Featured in Olive Magazine this month!”

  1. Well done you. I came and signed up to your blog because of reading your article. Nice to see some real reviews rather than just the usual if you know what I mean. They don’t have much in the mags for up north. Why don’t you try approaching food and travel magazine as well they need to learn some geography about The North. I shall be trying out your suggestions next time I am in Leeds.

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