Super Food @ Trio in Headingley, Leeds

Well it’s been a long time since I had dinner in Headingley, it used to be a regular haunt when I lived in Kirkstall. Both the Arc and Trio were Friday and Saturday night staples of ours before heading into the city centre. I’ve eaten at Trio a number of times and remember having enjoyable meals in the past, but this was many moons ago. A New Year always calls for a new and improved you, but not all of us are good at being healthier, I’m certainly one of them. So when I was invited to try out Arc Inspirations new Super Food Menu, I jumped at the chance. To eat food which was going to potentially highly nutritious, tasty and filling, who wouldn’t!!!




Executive Chef John Richold from Arc Inspirations has worked with Anthony Flinn to create a menu that uses ingredients from the top 50 super foods list.

So highly nutritious and tasty…really! Well actually yes and yes, I’m happy to say.


The dishes have been created to provide a good balance between all the important nutrients, such as protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. In particular with the use of ingredients such as Quinoa, bulgur wheat and green vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, pak choi and seaweed. 

The idea of their new menu is to choose one meat, fish or vegetable main dish and an accompanying super food salad.



Both dishes were well presented and cooked accurately, in particular the steak, which was medium rare as requested. Everything tasted delicious and was filling too. The dishes were both well conceived and all the ingredients really worked well together. A little to my surprise, I didn’t miss the standard carbs with our meal!! All very good in my eyes, or more importantly in my belly!! 

Service was great, lovely, friendly and attentive. They gave us some excellent recommendations too in terms of the menu, which is always welcome! 

We both left feeling well fed and watered, completely satisfied and very virtuous.

44 North Lane
0113 2036090

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