Moments – The North’s Coffee Community, pt VI

Just off Swinegate, opposite Malmaison there’s a very unassuming coffee shop that I have wandered passed countless times without realising. Only when compiling my list for my series on The Coffee Community I came across Moments on the web. 


Moments is owned by Agne who worked for a coffee shops chain for many years, working her way up though the ranks. About ten years ago when working in Buckinghamshire, she regularly served an elderly couple who gave her the impetus she needed to follow her dream she hadn’t realised was there hidden away. They gave her a £10 pound note as an investment to start it up the business, in monetary terms £10 doesn’t go that far these days, but it was this symbolic gesture that was the catalyst for what was to follow. This now sits proudly in the coffee shop as a reminder as to what started this journey for Agne.



For Agne its not just about the coffee, a major factor for them is ensuring customers are made to feel welcome and comfortable. After just spending a short amount of time at Moments it was clear to see that people do, and even when I was there customers were praising the service they got very openly.

One of the strings they have to their bow is that virtually all the food on their menu is cooked from fresh ingredients in their kitchen, with Vilius, Agne’s brother a trained chef in charge. They have come up with a food menu that had plenty of choice, ranging from breakfast, omelettes, porridge, crepes, sandwiches and chef’s specials. Also from the support of Laura, Vilius’ girlfriend, who is also a trained barista they form a good team who really want the business to succeed. 

Being an independent business they feel that supporting local businesses like them is important, so all their meat and eggs are sourced directly from local Yorkshire farmers.



The coffee has been sourced and roasted at Bradford Roasters Limini, where they have produced their own blend.


Even all the cakes they sell are homemade and produced in the kitchen by Vilius.



From just a short space of time spent with the team here at Moments I felt very welcome, it’s really obvious  that they care a lot about the service they offer, whether it’s the coffee, the food or their relationship with the customer. 

If you ever walk by Malmaison, take a look across the road you’ll see it, pop in side and give them a chance if you haven’t already.

8 Swinegate
West Yorkshire
0113 244 6818

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