Bundobust pop-up @ Belgrave Music Hall

Bundobust have been making their name since their launch in 2013 as Indian street food purveyors, winning an army of fans serving extremely tasty food with their travelling pop-ups. Well the lads from Bundobust have been at it again, starting with their 3-day stint at The Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen on Thursday and ends tonight!

What a hive this place is becoming for fantastic street food. I’d heard about their exploits at the Kirkstall Bridge Inn, but I first tried some Bundobust a few weeks ago at Street Feast, after that I knew the menu would be full of interesting flavour combinations, and with added heat and spice into the mix, well it was only going to get silly, only in a good way!!!


On the menu everything looked too good to resist and we wanted to get an overall feel for the menu, so my friend Alice and I opted for the Bundo Combo (£15), where you get a bowl of each dish to ‘munch’ on.


Well here it is, all raring to go for a pair of very welcome eaters!!! As soon as the lids were removed the pungent aromas sent the alarm bells ringing as a sign of good things to come!


There are times when you just want to eat and enjoy, while just making the odd noise to show how much you’re loving the food, well this was one of those moments!! My favourites out of all the dishes were the Okra fries – fantastic spice kick, extremely moorish and I really wish you could bag them up and sell them in packets, they would be legendary!! The Bhel Puri was wonderful, these guys have got the knack of marrying flavours together, the combination of puffed rice, tamarind chutney, turmeric noodles, red onion, tomato and samosa pastry is pretty special!!! I think it could be my regular dish when they open at their permanent residence!





We couldn’t leave without having one of their cocktails, I went for the Bhang Lassi which I think looked beautiful with its sprinkling of fragrant seeds. They weren’t just for decoration adding an extra dimension, with a sugary aniseedy crunch from the fennel seeds, the combo  just worked perfectly with the drink as a whole. Every now and again I’d get a little pop of aniseed heaven, just enough not to be overpowering.



I was absolutely full after this as I’d eaten quite a lot that evening…. a ‘little’ street food snack or two from Trinity Kitchen then this Bundobust feast. No regrets though, I’d do it again!! 

If this is an indication of what’s in store when Bundobust opens on Mill Hill, then the people of Leeds are in for a real treat!! Oh, we are lucky people!


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