Laynes Sunday Brunch @ The Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen

Last month’s Sunday brunch event at The Belgrave Hall was so popular that I was expecting the same again, but with a few improvements. It had been fully acknowledged that due to the influx of the masses who seemed to literally come down at once, there were a few niggles here and there with service, but we were reassured that it would run a little smoother and less crazier next  time around!! This time brunch lovers were given table service in an attempt to smooth out the creases, this certainly made it seem a little less frantic from the outset.

At the helm with the food menu was Laynes’ Carl Fleischer who again was being inventive with his brunch selection. Whilst Jim and Dan from The Grub & Grog Shop fame were his right hand men helping to bring the menu to life.


I LOVE having a decent brunch, really falling in love with it when visiting friends in Dublin, on that occasion brunch cocktails were also A MUST, and ever since it’s been a memorable food and drink highlight of mine. With our Laynes brunch we had to have a Laynes coffee too – a flat white and a piccolo to be exact, unfortunately we did have to wait a long time to have our order taken (so we had a couple of cheeky glasses of wine while we waited), but when they arrived I can say that my piccolo was up to the usual Laynes standard. 


Looking at the menu I could have worked my way through most of it, on this occasion I went for the braised beans with pancetta and sourdough, with an extra poached egg, while the other half chose the ham hock sandwich with extra bacon.


My dish of braised beans was certainly a hearty one, and tasty too by all accounts, a generous portion of chunky pancetta gave the beans plenty of smokiness, feta cheese helped to cut through the richness and the additional poached egg made the sauce extra gooey and yummy. A highly enjoyable plate of food. 


The other half’s ham hock sandwich was also enjoyed. A soft brioche bun was filled with ham and lovely caramelised onions, the meat did lack a touch of saltiness so the decision to order an extra portion of bacon was a good one. This did the trick and added a little seasoning.

I really like the menu and the food tastes good, but there is the issue with waiting time during service, which the team at Laynes know needs addressing. I’m sure this is a priority which they will want to rectify ASAP. 

Our brunch for two people (not including wine) was £22.

Next week The Greedy Pig will be unleashing their take on Sunday Brunch, I CANNOT wait to be one of the first in the queue to be well fed on Sunday!!!

Laynes Espresso

The Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

1A Cross Belgrave St
West Yorkshire
0113 234 6160

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