The Noonshine Cafe @ Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds

Writing a food blog you may think I eat like this ALL the time, but in reality at work it’s a different story altogether. Now I can’t speak for other people, but at school I don’t eat properly at all, working through my break, tea and biscuits are my usual lunch. Don’t worry  I wouldn’t expect sympathy or anything like that, I make the most of my free time instead!!

So when I heard on the grapevine that Leeds food and drink folk Noisette Bakehouse, The Grub & Grog Shop and North Star were hosting The Noonshine Cafe every Friday at Outlaws Yacht Club, I thought to myself you lucky Leeds folk working in the city centre, you can get something that’s value for money and yummy to boot, all made by local independent businesses. Wanting to show my support, and hoping to get a good feed on their first day, I left school at an appropriate time after doing school stuff. I even ordered a sandwich in advance so I didn’t miss out, really sad I know, but I like to think of it as being organised! 

Outlaws have worked with North Star to create their own blend of coffee, while Noisette Bakes had a great selection of baked goods, in particular the sea salt caramel brownie, which is quickly becoming a favourite in many people’s tummies! Jim and Dan the team behind The Grub & Grog Shop had a tempting range of stews, sandwiches and salads. Oh I shouldn’t forget Leeds Bread Co-op who provided the bread for the stew and sandwiches.


I was starving when I got there so quickly ordered the Beef Brisket sandwich, Mandarin Frangipan Tart and a North Star latte. 



I’m not normally a fan of sandwiches, if only all sandwiches were tasty like this I could be converted! Fresh ciabatta bread from Leeds Co-op generously filled with great tasting brisket and I loved all the extras, in particular the horseradish which gave it a kick up the backside, the fresh stuff too this time. At their last event the Leeds Creative Family Tree event, Jim didn’t manage to get his hands on any so our food lacked a little punch), that certainly wasn’t the case here!! Peppery rocket and lovely pickled mooli gave it a sharpness, whilst also keeping it fresh. For my dessert my Mandarin Frangipan Tart went great with my North Star coffee. 

In terms of cost, it certainly was value for money – my ‘three course’ lunch of sandwich, coffee and cake set me back just £5!!

I think Noonshine is another fab example of collaboration between local independent businesses, and one where you can get a decent, bargainous lunch!! If you are Leeds city centre based, you won’t go far wrong getting lunch, coffee and cake from these guys!!

Outlaws Yacht Club
38 New York Street
0113 234 6998

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