Trinity Kitchen

With the very sad departure of the last cohort of independent street food stall holders, Trinity welcomed in the new batch last week. The preview line up looked impressive and I was especially looking forward to the Asian street food from Dorshi and Harajuki Kitchen with their take on fantastic cuisine from the Far East. I’m a massive dumpling fan, and I know that I will probably eat ALOT of them!!!

Last week I joined other Leeds blogger folk to sample the goods and knew I wouldn’t be able to try everything, so just focussed on the Asian cuisine on offer.

DOrshi based in Dorset are known for using their South West produce. They were British Street Food Finalists in 2013 and gained fame with their organic pork & blue vinney gyozas, during their time in Leeds they’ve substituted the Blue Vinney cheese for Black Pudding. I’ve had their crispy chicken and dumplings a couple of times now and they are both excellent – great flavours, textures and also look beautiful too! I mustn’t forget their home made Sriracha sauce that really packs a punch too. I washed it down with some of their Houjicha tea which was warm and soothing, a lovely palate cleanser. 

Crispy Chicken
Houjicha Tea and Crispy Chicken

image image

Harajuku Kitchen are from Edinburgh and have their take on authentic Japanese street food, with their versions on gyoza and Okonomiyaki. I’ve eaten this Japanese omelette a few times, all very enjoyable, so when I do manage to get my hands on one, it’ll be good to compare. I enjoyed the gyoza very much, with their tasty pork and shrimp filling and done simply. I also heard from a reliable source, blogger Where’s Lisa on things veggie, that the veggie gyoza are particularly good too!


Making up the five street food traders are Meat Wagon and Leeds based Love Rouge Bakery and Cafe Moor.

For regular blog readers, you’ll already know of my fondness for Cafe Moor, having already highlighted them as one of the best places for lunch in Leeds. Cafe Moor’s owner Kada has brought his much loved North African, Middle Eastern street food to Trinity Kitchen with an amazing display and aromas to lure the senses!! On this occasion I stopped myself and will wait a little longer to get my favourites Chicken Shawarma and Chicken Bourek till then.

image image

Love Rouge Bakery are based in Headingley and are known for their range of cup cakes, brownies and another baked goods, also great to see another local collaboration with coffee from North Star Micro Roasters!

image image

And finally, Meat Wagon, street food trail blazers from London who have been seen to really drive the scene forward over the last few years. With the permanent residence Meat Liquor opening in a matter of months I’m sure they will want to entice Leeds burger lovers to their way of thinking. 

The Dead Hippie burger
The Dead Hippie burger

The other half ate this that evening and seemed to really enjoy it, saying it was very tasty, but really messy to eat. It certainly looked like a bit of a handful. I was a tad bemused that they only had TWO things on the menu, the Dead Hippie and a Halloumi and Mushroom burger, at £8 and £7 respectively. No chips to be seen either, since then they seemed to have seen the light, (possibly with a little help from blogger Cous Cous Bang Bang) and have more on offer now, including a kids burger and breakfast bap. Also it’s good to see they’ve lowered the prices a little too, still no chips though!!

I’ll be back to try Meat Wagon, Love Rouge Bakery and of course, Cafe Moor in the upcoming weeks so watch this space for updates! If you have time and are in the city centre, why not have a nosey for yourself!!

DISCLAIMER: I was invited by Trinity Kitchen that evening so part of the food I ate was complimentary, my views are as usual my own. 

Trinity Kitchen
27 Albion St
West Yorkshire

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