YBF’s (Young British Foodies) Needs You!!!!

The search for people with a passion for food has started in 2014, with the Young British Foodies search for the best young chefs, artisan producers, entrepreneurs and food writers this country has to offer.

Now having eaten my way through quite a bit of food over the last year, I’ve witnessed a massive creative and collaborative surge in the food and drink industry in Leeds and the surrounding areas of West Yorkshire. 

Well YBF’s (Young British Foodies) are looking for these people, who are trying to be exciting and bold, who try to push boundaries and widen the experiences of the food and drink loving public.

In the words of the YBF’s they are ‘simply looking for food and drink lovers who act on their passion and who believe they encompass the YBF spirit of originality and passion‘.

YOU may just fit the bill! The search started on Monday 4th March, looking for the next big thing to emerge onto the scene and hopefully help to drive it forward into the future. 

For the YBF’s, food and drink isn’t just about being the best chef or restaurant, what’s great about the YBF’s is that they fully appreciate the multifaceted world of the industry. Their search covers the length and breadth of the country for the best creative talents in 8 categories, all judged by a renowned group of individuals from the food and drink world.

  • Alcohol – judged by Tony C (69 Colebrooke Row)

  • Street-Food – judged by Petra Barran (runs KERB), Nichola Smith (Healthy Yummies) and Claire Kelsey

  • Experiential –  judged Jellymongers Bompas and Parr and Alexa Perrin (founder of the Experimental Food Society)

  • Baking – judged by Lily Vanilli (The Bakery) and Daniel Stevens

  • Meat judged by critically acclaimed butchers James George and Richard Turner (Turner and George)

  • Chefs – judged by Nuno Mendes (previously at Viajante, now of The Chiltern Firehouse)

  • Food Writing – judged by Marina O’Loughlin (revered critic)

  • Coffee – judged by Tim Williams (Workshop Coffee Co) and Marco Arrigo (Illy University)

  • Honorary – judged by The YBF Founders (Amy Thorne – founder and managing director of TASTE PR, Freelance Food Journalist & Metro Food Editor, Chloe Scott-Moncrieff and founder of  The Bakery – Lily Vanilli).

Previous winners include street food maestro The Rib Man Mark Gevaux and Michelin starred chef Tom Sellers of The Restaurant Story fame.

Also West Yorkshire’s very own Sarah Mather of Noisette Bakehouse fame was a 2013 nominee!!



Obviously for those who are lucky enough to be worthy of these awards – its a wonderful seal of approval in a cut throat world, but also an opportunity to make the most of expert help and support from those in the know. Winners would also get to show off their skills at the Awards evening, where they can showcase their talents.

OK, do you think you could be one of these people? I KNOW there is plenty of talent in Leeds and its surrounding areas so why not enter and give it a shot!!

For more information have a nosey at the YBF website, where you’ll also find full details of how to enter, with the deadline for entries at the end of June there’s no time to waste!!

Visit www.the-ybfs.com for entry details.

Image is courtesy of Young British Foodies


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