Froth & Fodder – The North’s Coffee Community pt V

I’d never heard of Froth & Fodder until their appearance at North Star‘s Latte Art Throwdown. This place was originally called Cool Beans until a few years ago, and can be found opposite Leeds University’s Parkinson Building on Blenheim Terrace. Mostly frequented by students, lecturers and other University folk. As not being a part of Leeds University’s alumni I’ve never really had much reason to venture here, often driving up through the University on the way to Headingley and beyond. It’s definitely a bit of a hidden gem with it’s subterranean feel as you walk downstairs from street level.


With its relaxed feel and quirky mix of furniture, such as leather sofas, old school desks, wooden P.E. benches and artwork on the walls, there’s a laid back atmosphere. Sam, the Head Barista said they like to have art exhibitions at Froth & Fodder, in particular they recently had art work from Leeds College students exhibited.



Their coffee’s from New Town Coffee Roaster based in Edinburgh, who provide them with a seasonal custom blend. In the future they would also like to incorporate guest coffees to their menu too.


In terms of food they have a breakfast menu, including the customary full breakfast (meat and veggie versions), and their best seller is a 9 hour slow cooked belly pulled pork sandwich using meat from well known Sykes House Farm from Wetherby.


I HAD to go for the pulled pork sandwich,  I thought to myself it can’t be so popular for nothing!! I asked for a small one (£3.50), it arrived in a lovely fresh submarine roll filled to the rafters with soft pulled pork, there was also a sprinkling of sliced spring onions and some hoisin sauce. I soon realised why it’s their best seller as it was VERY tasty and definitely a great choice. I was very content, with my pulled pork sandwich, fresh OJ and The Raconteurs playing in the background. Just goes to show simplicity is extremely yummy!


I spied the person sitting alongside me with a rather tasty looking bacon sandwich too and I hear their full breakfasts aren’t nothing to be sniffed at either!

Some of their baked goods are made by Brown & Blond, the artisan brownie makers, and they also have a selection of other sandwiches and salads too.



In the future they plan to extend their menu and have more choice for gluten free and also start showcasing guest coffees too, which I’ll look forward to trying out.


If like me, you’ve never seen or heard of Froth & Fodder before give it a try, you can relax in theredo a spot of work whilst having a good feed and listen to some great music at the same time. There are a number of similar establishments on the same stretch of Leeds which may lure you in, but this is one you should give a chance if you haven’t already. 

Froth & Fodder
30 Blenheim Terrace
United Kingdom


One thought on “Froth & Fodder – The North’s Coffee Community pt V”

  1. Ahh I used to go in there all the time when I was studying for my masters! They used to sell off their sandwiches and salads for about £1.50 at 4pm so I used to stock up ready for a night in the library.

    Sadly, I’m never over in that part of Leeds now to go in, but this was always my favourite on that row of cafés 🙂

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