Trinity Kitchen, pt 5 @ Trinity Leeds

The latest street food changeover has happened once again at Trinity Kitchen and with a very sad farewell to last months traders, in particular Dorshi, Trinity welcomes traders both old and new to Leeds.

Lets start my run down with the new traders:

Rola Wala – Founder Mark originally hails from Perth in Australia, but moved to London as a University graduate. A trip to India was the inspiration for the business, wanting to bring the incredible flavours and his twist on authentic dishes he experienced to the streets of the UK.  After meeting Adam they struck up a partnership haven’t looked back since, achieving Young British Foodie Runner Up Best Street Food UK, 2013 and are regulars on London’s street food scene, including Street Feast and Kerb.



Rola Wala are bringing to Leeds their toasted 10-inch Naan filled with either Beetroot Daal, Coriander Chicken tikka, or for those who can’t decide, (or just greedy) a half and half combo with prices ranging between £6-7. I munched on the Coriander Chicken Tikka Naan – it was DELICIOUS, I think I’ve found a new favourite! It’s not the cheapest street food by any stretch of the imagination, but it does the job in terms of flavours, textures and heat. I also loved its vibrant colours that sang out too!! I didn’t go for the extra kick of spice, it was a wise choice too as mine had plenty of oomph and left me with distinctly rosy cheeks!!

Coriander Chicken Tikka Naan
Beetroot Dhal and Coriander Chicken Tikka Combo Naan!!!

I’d been lucky enough to get the heads up on the collaboration with Leeds’ own Mike Tattersall’s Indie Ices. A meeting of minds I was very excited about having championed Mike’s heavenly kulfi on many occasions. For Trinity Kitchen they’ve developed Mike’s Gold Medal winning Mango kulfi with added coconut (topping), lime juice and a pinch of Moruga Scorpion Chilli (the Worlds hottest chilli) to create ‘The hottest ice in the World!’

Rola Ice with mango kulfi, lime and Moruga Scorpion chilli

I loved it!! It was typically creamy with the primary ingredient mango clearly evident and a lovely texture of coconut running through it. The lime kept it fresh and with a hit of chilli giving it another dimension, it certainly kept me on my toes. Every now and again I’d get a mix of well balanced flavours, textures and heat. Simply inspired!

Happy Maki‘s owner Anna is serving the Leeds masses with Sushi wraps from her Renault Estafette fondly named Gloria. She’s devised a thoughtful, healthy and socially conscious menu, catering for carnivores, vegans and vegetarians alike with her Thai Sweet Potato, Hoisin Duck and Teriyaki Chicken Wraps.



I didn’t manage to sample any on this occasion, but I have a sneaky suspicion that my love of all things Japanese will make me gravitate towards some Teriyaki chicken!!


Cake Doctor has been brought to Leeds by owner James, who’s only been in the business six months or so! On his converted 1979 Ford Transit Mk 2 Ambulance he’s baking (on site) a fantastic range of baked goods, such as Whoopee pies, Meringues and Victoria Sponge. With tea from Bluebird Tea Co and coffee from local lads North Star there’s some quality beverages to wash them down with.


Being inspired by baking with his mother and grandmother, as a child James wants to transport cake lovers to a place where they can reminisce about fond childhood memories.

Victoria Sponge!!!!
Meringue kisses

On this occasion, there was a Victoria sponge that caught my eye!!! Readers may know of my love of the classic bake, you may also know that I don’t need asking twice if I want a slice to take home!!! It came with a pretty Meringue Kiss, which was a sweet little touch. I liked the Victoria sponge; the cake itself was a tad dense, but rich and buttery. The cream and fresh strawberries were VERY yummy, as you’d expect. I left the meringue kiss to the end and it was heavenly – light, chewy and sweet. If only I’d known they were that good, I’d have bought a lot more!!!!


Having read James’ plans for an urban afternoon tea at Cake Doctor, I’ll have to partake in this myself before his residency is up, so I can add this to my Afternoon Tea blog series.

Fresh Rootz are back for a second helping of the Trinity Kitchen experience. This widely travelled band are offering food inspired by their travels around the world. At Trinity they’ll be dishing up their menu using local ingredients containing at least seven fresh vegetables in each main dish!! Healthy or what!


I went for a portion of pakoras at £6, they were cooked to order and so good because of it – lightly crisp, fluffy in texture and well flavoured. Working well with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and the citrus salad which gave a little acidity. It was missing the yoghurt which would have provided a nice cooling effect, but they were still very good!! For £6 it was a generous portion too and something I wasn’t expecting, the glutton that I am wasn’t complaining though!

Woodland mushroom, spinach and pepper pakora with sweet chilli, served with lightly spiced cous cous and slaw citrus salad

Yeah, I really enjoyed my plate of pakoras, and I’m not their only fan as Fresh Rootz won BBC Good Food Show for Best Midland Street food in 2013!


Bangwok have returned with their tuk tuk in tow! I really enjoyed their Thai food on their 1st visit and I was expecting more of the same!! At Trinity they’ve set up their ‘raan khao kaeng’ – a rice and curry shop where you can choose from green chicken curry, beef massaman and honey roast pork – or like me have the combo plate of all three with rice.

image image

The sights and smells coming from their stall drew me in hook, line and sinker and I quickly chose their £7 deal of a bit of everything.


Beef curry, coconut chicken, zingy salad, honey, garlic, coriander pork with roasted rice and chilli dip


£7 is a bit more than I’d like to pay, but for the portion size and flavours on show I was pretty pleased. 

I think this months street food ambassadors could be one of their best line-ups so far. So don’t just take my word for it, head down to Trinity Kitchen and see for yourself!

Disclaimer: I was invited by Trinity Kitchen last week to get a taste from the new cohort, but I have been back since of my own accord. 
Trinity Kitchen
Albion Street
0113 3942415

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