Twisted Burger Company @ Aire Bar, Leeds

Does Leeds need ANOTHER burger establishment? I’m sure you’ve seen how the burger has been a major growth in Leeds’ food zeitgeist for a while now. There’s a hell of a lot of competition around so a new burger joint has to stand out, with New York Burger Kitchen, It Bar and Patty Smith’s @ The Belgrave amongst others in the city centre alone. After attending their launch a few weeks ago there was definitely enough interest, but whether the burgers would be up to the task was another question.

Originally hailing from Sheffield, Twisted Burger Company have been drafted in by Aire bar on Call Lane. Already with an ardent following since setting up shop at The Harley near Sheffield University, evidence of their heritage was on show with Henderson’s Relish on the table, a nice little touch.


After having read a number of reviews I was hoping it was going to be good, and took the other half (burger lover) along for the ride. With eight burgers on the main menu and the option to build your own (If It Ain’t Broke) with a number of different toppings and sides  to choose from.

I’m never particularly adventurous when it comes to burgers, I like them simple and straightforward opting for an If It Ain’t Broke – a double beef patty, Monterey Jack and streaky smoked bacon with Harley House fries. The other half chose the Super Supersize Me with Regular Joe Fries.


The Harley House fries were good – a generous portion of lightly crisp skinny fries with a pleasant Cajun spice. I hate to say it, but these were the best bit of the meal! I was underwhelmed with my burger, I tend to like my patties pink  in the middle but this can be forgiven when cooked through, if the meat is flavourful. The beef  was just adequate and under seasoned. Why have two thin patties (cooked through) when you can have one thicker one (cooked pink)? Obviously it’s just my opinion of course. The streaky bacon wasn’t crisp and had at times VERY big bits of fat, not just the long lines of fat that are accustomed with streaky bacon. Again, this would’ve been forgiven IF it was crispy! It was quite greasy too.


The other half was less than impressed with his, and he hates saying anything bad about a burger! Very greasy, the brioche bun fell apart within two bites and on inspection was saturated with grease, not meat juice. The bacon had the same issues as mine and even though the Techno Burger sauce was good, for a burger of that size there wasn’t enough of it. The Regular Joe fries ended up soaking up a lot of the grease from the burger too. 



I was pretty gutted that we hadn’t had the best experience as I know many people have loved them. I hope this was just a blip! The staff were lovely and when we mentioned a couple of our niggles (I wanted to save all of it for the review) they were receptive and took them on board. This is only their 3rd week in residency at Aire Bar so I hope they’ll improve their consistency.

I do not recommend Twisted Burger Company, it’s too hit and miss at the moment.

Since writing this post I tried to find out more about the rules on cooking burgers pink etc, and I did find a number of articles that mentioned stopping restaurants serving burgers rare or medium rare due to health and safety reasons. Some also mentioned the importance of the internal temperature of the patty.  OK, so fair enough I can fully understand those reasons, there were unfortunately other negatives though.

DISCLAIMER: I was invited to review Twisted Burger Company in exchange for an honest, unbiased review, therefore my meal was a complimentary one.

Aire Bar
32-34 The Calls

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