A little Harrogate Jaunt

I’ve been a fan of Harrogate for a while now, my best mate and I would frequent the Harrogate Turkish Baths at the end of each term to get rid of all the stresses that comes with being a high school teacher. But at the time I’d only eaten in Harrogate twice, once at The Tannin Level where we had a really enjoyable dinner and last summer at Van Zeller, with a memorable five course lunch to celebrate to start of the summer hols!! Yes, both places with good standing in the area, but I hadn’t explored much else really. The last year has enabled me to explore other gems in Harrogate, especially with the half term holidays, I thought I’d put down in words and pictures my go-to places in Harrogate at the moment. I’m sure these have been documented in the past, but this is my personal take.

The place is full of the usual run of the mill chain restaurants and coffee shops, but there are plenty of others, so here’s a round up of some of the places I like to frequent when I visit:

Bean & Bud – Great independent, artisan coffee shop full stop!! Lovely, warm people who REALLY know their stuff, but at the same time don’t feel the need to shove it in your face. Ruth also makes yummy amaretti biscuits that go perfectly with your beverage of choice. Not only are they experts in coffee, but also with their teas. It’s also where I had my first Chemex too and the flavour I got was   so clean and the clarity was something I hadn’t experienced before.



imageBaltzersen’s – Cool, Scandinavian cafe that hits all the right notes in terms of relaxed atmosphere, decent coffee and lovely food, in particular their popular Cinnamon buns and open sandwiches.



Whether its a quick brunch, lunch and now even dinner, courtesy of Norse. I went to the preview taster sessions of Norse and they were pretty decent, since then they’ve received rave reviews for the Scandi-inspired plates.

Baltzersen’s is a breathe of fresh air for me , it completely oozes a Scandinavian coolness and effortless charm and I really love the place! Owned by Paul Rawlinson, it’s become a popular spot with both locals and outsiders.


The Yorkshire Meatball Company – opened a few months ago and has been mega busy it seems ever since. I had a lovely meal there and it seems there is an infinite way of serving meatballs in a multitude of different guises for virtually every occasion. Click here for the write up on my visit.



Major Tom’s Social –  a quirky café/bar, with a good selection in terms of food, including stews made by The Grub & Grog Shop lads. A good range of drinks are in offer including lots of craft beers and ales. Recently they hosted a five course pop-up supper club created by The Grub & Grog lads. 



Hoxton North  – Harrogate’s first Espresso & Brew Bar, located in a beautiful Edwardian space. Opened in Autumn 2013 and has been serving loose leaf teas and artisan coffees from roasters, such as Workshop. Their yummy baked goods come from the likes of Dumouchel, Noisette Bakehouse and That Old Chestnut.

Do you have any recommendations for food and drink in Harrogate, what are you favourite haunts?

Bean & Bud
Hoxton North
Major Tom’s Social
The Yorkshire Meatball Company

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