Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

Last Sunday came the second of two half marathons I’d entered, spread over two weekends, this time in Edinburgh. The Saturday before meant carb loading time again, as I was staying with my mate near Glasgow we ventured around the city centre in search of lunch. I’ve had some fantastic meals in the city, a notable one was at The Butchershop Bar & Grill on Sauchiehall Street, but as my knowledge is limited I left it to my friends who knew the city well to choose.

We walked up to a place with a brilliant name Bread Meats Bread, on entering it was easy to see the place was a popular one, as it was standing room only and we, like others joined the queue. This gave me a chance to have a nosey and watch the kitchen at work – bowls of Poutine, fantastic looking burgers and sandwiches were coming out thick and fast. Immediately I thought we need one of these in Leeds!!

Bread Meats Bread opened in 2012 with the ethos of serving quality, ethical ingredients, all prepared and cooked in their open kitchen. 


Fortunately table turnover was relatively swift and we were sat at a table within ten minutes. For a nosey at the menu click here, this place is perfect for a hungry carnivore, but sadly for non-meat eaters you may think you are left with slim pickings. Their menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, Poutine, gourmet dogs, salad with a number of side dishes. Prices range from £4.50 – £10 for main dishes and sides are £1.50 – £3.

It took us a while to decide as there was lots of choice, but in the end we all went for some sort of sandwich, following the theme of ‘Bread Meats Bread’. Personally I was sold on the Porchetta sandwich with Bacon chips.

Porchetta sandwich
Porchetta sandwich

Just moments before we received our own food, I spied a sandwich and burger being brought to a table behind us, this was evidence enough of the prospect of a mighty feed. My Porchetta sandwich was massive, a lovely soft Brioche bun was packed with soft, flavourful meat. Lots of flavour from herbs making it incredible enjoyable.  I’d ordered a portion of Bacon chips, not realising how big the sandwich would be, in hindsight I didn’t need them, but how was I to know I’d get a sandwich that was enough for two! They were very good chips and the bacon was tasty, some bits could have had crispier fat though. The addition of mayo made the whole thing really moreish! 

Smoked Beef Brisket in a  Brioche bun
Smoked Beef Brisket in a Brioche bun
BBQ pulled pork sandwich
BBQ pulled pork sandwich


Sweet Potato Fries
Bacon Chips
Bacon Chips

On all accounts, both sides of the table were very happy – well fed and watered! Our bill came to £44 for 4 people, not including a tip.

I’d definitely recommend Bread Meats Bread!

Food: Great for carnivores, a little limited for non-meat eaters but when the name of the restaurant is ‘Bread Meats Bread’ you’d expect it.

Service: Quick, friendly staff. Waiting time is short and there’s a fast table turnover. 

Atmosphere: Busy, lively atmosphere, with an open kitchen which allows the smell of tasty meat to waft over you while you wait.

Do you have any ideas for great food in Glasgow, I’d love to add them to the travel itinerary for my next visit?

Bread Meats Bread
104 St Vincent Street
G2 5UB
0141 249 98 98


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