Bundobust finally opens on 4th July!!!

Hooray!!! Bundobust are opening after spending months fitting out their premises on Mill Hill in the city centre!! I’ve walked passed countless times, eagerly waiting for the good news and it finally happened. This is one of those occasions when there’s the tiniest bit of regret I’m not accepting freebies anymore, especially when I see the preview invite pop up in the inbox, but I have to decline and will, no doubt feed my face silly when the place is open to the public.

For those of you who don’t know of Bundobust, they are a collaboration between much-loved Prashad, Drighlington’s Indian vegetarian restaurant and The Sparrow pub from Bradford. Their aim is to serve fantastic Indian street food from their street food kitchen, accompanied with great Indian craft beer.

Just to the get the mouth watering and the taste-buds tingling in readiness for the opening, here’s a photo from the pop-up at The Belgrave a few months ago:


If I was a betting person I doubt the bookies would let me put money on my (popular) prediction; that Bundobust is going to be a highly sought-after food venture. With their crowd-pleasing street food already having a large following; myself included in that long list, I cannot wait to be ordering everything off the menu!! If the food’s anything as good as the stuff they’ve dished up in the past they are definitely onto an odds on winner!

Bundobust opens on the 4th July, I’ll see you there no doubt!!

This date has now been changed to the 11th July.

6 Mill Hill

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