NÔM, Leeds

A few months ago I wrote about meeting new Vietnamese Street Food traders NÔM at Kirkstall Deli Market, where I was won over by their Bánh Mì sandwich. It was fantastic to meet them and talk about their passion for food, and having said early on of their plans to open a city centre deli, I’d eagerly followed their progress. Now NÔM is open on Great George Street in Leeds city centre, with many other lunchtime options around them they offer something different, and would certainly make a change to the usual city worker lunch.


Today was my first opportunity to have a look, arriving at 12.20pm bang in the middle of the lunch time rush.


The interior looks fresh and vibrant, with their simple yet varied menu on full display. With more scope to have a wider menu than is available at Kirkstall Deli Market, as well as their Bánh Mì (£3.95 – £4.45) and Bún noodles (£4.75 – £4.95), they are also offering Cuốn (Summer Rolls), £3.55 – £3.75 and Phở noodle soup, £5.75. With many options being vegetarian, gluten and dairy free it caters for many dietary requirements too.


I was starving so went for a BBQ Pork Cuốn (Summer Rolls) and BBQ Pork Bánh Mì, I’d absolutely raved on about this the first time I had it and loved it just as much on this occasion. For £3.95 it’s a great price and filling. The pork has fantastic flavour and the additional ingredients of pickles, coriander, mayo and chilli amongst others bring layers of balanced flavour. A yummy lunch!!




I could’ve just eaten that and I would’ve left extremely satisfied, but thought I should try something else too, so a portion of Summer Rolls did the trick. Priced at £3.55 and again, very reasonably priced compared to other establishments selling a similar product.  Lovely and fresh, the well flavoured pork is allowed to sing and is accompanied by fresh carrot, rice noodles and mint running through it. The dipping sauce adding saltiness where needed. 

For those wanting a coffee with their lunch, they’ve drafted in coffee local coffee supplier Limini Coffee, based in Bradford. 

So if you fancy lunch from a local, independent business in the city centre, why not try out NÔM!

NÔM Deli
77A Great George Street
0113 245 0992

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