Divisadero Farmer’s Market Photoblog, San Francisco

On the way to Sunday brunch at Nopa we’d noticed a farmers’ market being set up. We are fortunate in Leeds to have many fantastic markets in and around the city, so I was interested to have a closer look. 

Called Divisadero Farmers’ Market, located in an area just off Alamo Square, every Sunday this market brings the best that’s locally produced, whether it be fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, baked goods, nuts, meat as well as a lot more. It’s not a particularly large market by any means, but that maybe a good thing because the traders they do have are selling the best produce available, many being artisans, producing fantastic honey, cheese and bread.


We’d been lucky to get fantastic weather for our week in San Francisco, which many locals had commented was far from the norm in July. So we strolled in bright sunshine, approx 30°C+ and saw beautiful displays of flowers, bread, fruit and veg. From what we saw, growing organic is a huge thing in California, as stalls proudly state this fact.

Here’s a selection of photographs from a visit to the market:

image image image image image image image image image image image image

There was so much food eye candy on show I could have bought loads, instead I settled for just a pound of figs to munch on them when we got peckish. They were absolutely delicious, and so juicy!! 

A great initiative at the market I saw was something called the Market Match incentive program, that offers a $5 bonus for purchasing at least $10 in CalFresh/EBT tokens at the Farmers’ Market. A great incentive to buy fresh from the market. I also loved that there was a table full of information with recipes, using many of the ingredients on sale and information on the benefits of eating good produce. 

DIvisadero Farmers’ Market
Grove Street, at Divisadero,
San Francisco


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