Becoming a part-timer!

Hi, something a little off track today, but hopefully still relevant to the blog. Since I started writing the blog in February 2013, I’ve juggled teaching high school science with extra curricular activities; exploring new places, revisiting old ones and dining out as much as possible along the way. This had always been a part of my life since finishing university and was always something I’d enjoyed, but without the whole sharing my thoughts and opinions on the stuff, until the blog was born.

On the 1st September, quite a big thing will happen in my life, maybe not for you, but for me it is; after 14 years of teaching high school science full-time, I go part-time. The decision hasn’t been taken lightly or quickly, it’s something that has been brewing for many years and finally after much thought and discussion with the other half it was about time I did something I REALLY wanted to do.  Not just do something I was supposedly good at, but something I actually had a love for. The people who know me best have heard me harking on about this for years, so it’s about time something was done about it.

Having had a long think about the blog, part of the reason why I have a passion for food and especially eating out on my travels is because I love visiting different places, whether at home or abroad. I didn’t have a gap year before, or after University, so the opportunity to do the whole travelling abroad thing never arose. Becoming a high school teacher straight after five years at university means I’ve been in the education system for 34 years and counting! So from September, 5 days of hard graft change to 2 days, but I will have to manage my time to not allow school life to leak into my newly acquired free time, like it usually does. Otherwise, what’s the point!

So, what am I going to do with my free time?

Ah, now that’s THE question I have been trying to answer forever it seems. I don’t think I’ve ever known what I really wanted to do, or maybe it’s just fear. Who knows?!

Parental thoughts of me becoming a classical musician were born from playing piano to the highest levels as a child, this wasn’t to be. My first love was and probably is art, and everything to do with the subject. It was my favourite subject at school and I was surrounded by teachers, who looking back were inspirational. This word is used a lot in education, but they were for many reasons, in particular Karl Newlands, who was my A’level Art teacher. Within that there’s always been a passion for photography, which I probably never realised in my youth. My Dad’s 35mm SLR was off limits to me, so at high school I’d often borrow an unused camera from home to take photos of my friends and I, firstly using 110mm film, then 35mm point and shoot. Throughout university and to this very day, it’s rare I don’t have a camera with me, nowadays the SLR to visually document anything and everything on my travels.

So in terms of the blog, having a reduced salary means I’ll need to be more thoughtful about where I eat and the frequency at which the reviews are done. No more, just going out because I want to at a moments notice….maybe. I’ll need to be more strict with myself! 

Being so absorbed in A Tale of Two Sittings the last 18 months or so I’d wondered if just talking about food, which is a massive thing in my life, was all that I was about, even with the other interests and hobbies I have. I think for me it’s all about fear, being scared about what I want to do in life, will I be any good at it etc, etc….

I haven’t completely got my head around it, but content wise, I’d like to start talking more about places I visit/explore, it’s something I’ve always done in my spare time, but never anything I’ve really spoken or written about, I’ve just taken thousands of photos. I hope you’ll support me in this.

I’m not sure whether to link it into A Tale of Two Sittings, or have two separate blogs. Any thoughts??

Having not done a Fine Arts degree, there’s always been something missing and the regret still exists, so with this in mind I’d really like to do something more within photography, learn as much as I can and hone my skills, do some courses and learn. What this will lead to I’m not sure…I’ve always enjoyed photographing friends weddings, travelling adventures and food so I don’t know yet. People in the past have very kindly complemented me on my photos, which has always been appreciated, so I must be doing something right.

For those of you who are already doing, or know exactly what they want to do, and have a clear idea of how to get there I really admire you. I hope to get there in the future. You’ve just got to bear with me….

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