Lunch Date @ The Reliance, Leeds

I love to eat, and I love going to places which are consistently good, as why would I bother to spend time writing about it. But going part-time has got its obvious pros and cons – working two days a week has afforded me time to do lots more fun stuff, have leisurely lunches and catch up with friends, but nowadays I have to be more thoughtful of where to go on a budget, I don’t want to eat somewhere that serves sub-standard food with poor service. Who does eh?!

Last week I had a lovely catch-up with a girl friend (another part-time teacher) and her gorgeous little girl. We could’ve easily headed into Horsforth where she lives, but she had a hankering for town. With this in mind, I thought where can I go that I know I’ll always get a good tasty feed, feel at home and get my money’s worth, as much as I’d like to splurge I can’t afford to do that as much now.

My suggestion of The Reliance was welcomed, we’d not been for ages and have had memorable feeds here in the past. This city centre eatery has been a haunt of ours for years, one of our first visits was for my best mates birthday some 12/13 years ago. Since then, it’s been the scene of many girly get-togethers, reunions and leaving dinners. 

image image

For somewhere that’s probably classed as a pub, they serve relaxed informal dishes with a bit of refinement. The lunch menu has much to offer at reasonable prices, and a plus point is seeing their homemade charcuterie, as well a selection of specials to choose from too. 

A couple of glasses of wine ordered, both doing the job nicely and after finally ordering…we were too busy nattering, sorry, it was time to sit back and relax.


Our choices from a menu which is reasonably priced – for my friend the beef and pork meatballs sandwich (tying with the aubergine parmigiana as my second choice), and the beer battered whitebait off the specials board for myself. Both of us were too tempted by the twice cooked chips so added these on for good measure.

The Reliance is a great all-rounder I think, it’s has a lovely relaxed ambience, high ceilings and the massive curved windows lends itself well to allowing light to flood into the space. Even though I’d chosen the table in the corner by the window road noise wasn’t particularly evident, may’ve been that we were too busy chatting to notice!! Regardless, it’s a very easy place to feel at ease.

My whitebait were fried till golden and covered in a light, crisp batter. Portion-wise they hadn’t scrimped and I quite happily worked my way through the whole lot. Twice cooked chips were crisp and with the mayo on the side made for a tasty lunch all in all.

image image

My friends meatball sandwich proved to be a hit with both mother and daughter!! I was a tad jealous I must say, I’ll keep it in mind for next time.


So if you fancy a lunch in town, it doesn’t matter that it’s on the other side of the city centre, it’s the quality and value for money that counts, rather than the matter of a few minutes of extra walking.

Lunch for two, with two glasses of wine and a coffee came to £30 including tip. The food on its own would have cost just £17.90 for two.

Food: well balanced lunch menu, decent prices. Well cooked and very tasty.

Service: can’t be faulted here, as friendly and relaxed as ever.

Atmosphere: it was a quiet week day lunch so diners were spread out in different rooms.

The Reliance
76-78 North St
0113 295 6060 

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5 thoughts on “Lunch Date @ The Reliance, Leeds”

  1. I always pass the reliance on the bus in and out of Leeds and I always think it looks cool. I’m glad to hear the food is as good as I had hoped it would be. I’ll defo try this out sometime x

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