Holy Pierogi pop-up @ Kirkstall Bridge Inn

Last month was the debut act of Alice Wood’s street food venture Holy Pierogi at Belgrave Music Hall’s monthly street feast. It had gone down an absolute storm and introduced her to the street world fraternity as someone to watch in her own right. Last Saturday was Holy Pierogi’s second foray into the world of street trade trading with a pop-up at the Kirkstall Bridge Inn

Holy Pierogi at Belgrave’s Street Feast

Her specialities are, of course pierogi, with two versions including a beer braised beef and honey roasted sweet potato, a zapiekanka, which is basically an open-faced pizza using ciabatta bread, then bigos which is a polish stew. I’d been banging on and on about the pierogi dumplings to my husband for so long all bets were off as to what we’d order. 


Even though I’d already been to Belgrave’s street feast earlier that day, regular readers may know of my insatiable appetite, I’d already planned to get my fill that evening. After a quick nosey at the menu we ordered a portion of bigos and both the pierogi. 

I love dumplings, they are a definite source of comfort food for me, and I’m sure my husband would testify to the fact that I like to eat them anytime of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner! These pierogi are dreamy and pillowy, you get thinly rolled pastry and a generous filling which packs a punch in flavour. In one portion there was beef cooked till it had become soft and tender, with a background of horseradish providing a sense of warmth. In the other was sweet potato which worked well with sharpness from goats cheese and aromatic thyme. Additional extras with fried onions, chives and sour cream made them even more moreish. 

Honey roasted sweet potato pierogi
Honey roasted sweet potato pierogi
Beef cheek pierogi
Beef cheek pierogi 

Bigos quickly followed suit and was certainly a hearty portion, this girl likes to keep a customer well-fed! Love it! This stew was generous not only in portion size, but also in flavour with a nice balancing act going on between the richness from smoked bacon, sausage and mushrooms, and the sharpness from the sauerkraut. It was a filling stew but not a heavy one, if you know what I mean?! 


That evening had become quite a cold one, so it was lovely to sit back and relax in a cosy pub, have a laugh with the other half and a mate, get well fed whilst partaking in the odd pub game or too. I can imagine as the days get colder still, completely diving into a massive bowl of pierogi, with a warming drink and my feet up. Ahhh, sounds great, don’t you think?


Our polish street food mini feast cost us £15 in total, and well worth it too!!

Look out for Holy Pierogi on her next outing!!

Kirkstall Bridge Inn
Bridge Rd
0113 278 4044

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