Where to eat if you’re Gluten Intolerant in Leeds

This post has been a draft for at least a year, and first started after the other half found he was gluten intolerant, and eating out, actually eating in general became more of an issue. Then just recently fellow Leeds food blogger Kay Brown (Cheery Little Thing), also found herself in a similar situation and with having trouble eating out. I’ve seen from experience, in the case of my husband that finding yourself hungry and frustrated when looking through a menu to find a lack of gluten free options is NOT the best!!

One of the main problems we’ve found is that gluten isn’t just in obvious wheat products, it’s found in all sorts of food stuffs that you wouldn’t think of, even soy sauce! The other half can’t even drink most beers (for obvious reasons) or red wines now, because it’s often filtered through wheat products. The last time red wine passed his lips was at L’Enclume when we splashed out on some fantastic bio-dynamic wines, but it comes at a cost. And don’t talk about bread, the number of recipes where we tried to make some GF bread….all of them ended in disaster and frustration, even now trying to find a soft and tasty loaf has been a complete chore.

So, I’ve reopened the draft and decided to have another crack at it, hopefully pointing people in the right direction to who serves good gluten free dishes. Here’s a list of some eateries that have something tasty to offer, there are a number of chain restaurants that also cater, but please forgive me as I’m only including independents:

2 Oxford Place – Leeds’ first and currently its only, 100% GF kitchen and serves food throughout the day, lunch into dinner and also an afternoon tea. Even their Sunday roast has GF gravy and Yorkshire puddings!! 

Salvo’s  – this well known Italian has a menu littered with dishes which can be modified for a coeliac/gluten free diet. Scattered throughout the menu are a number of options, and having pasta isn’t an issue either as they offer GF pasta too, you just have to ask. 

Sandinista – on their menu are a good range of GF tapas dishes, including tortilla, chorizo hash pan, smoked sausage and prawn jambalaya amongst others. It’s a great sharing menu and reasonably priced too!

Pinche Pinche – this Chapel Allerton eaterie has always advertised the fact that a lot of their menu is suited to a gluten free diet, as corn is one of their staple ingredients. They also stock a GF Belgian blond too, for those fancying a tipple and missing a spot of beer. 

Global Tribe Cafe – this cafe that can be found near the City Varieties using local suppliers to produce not only a menu suited to a GF diet, but also well known for its vegetarian and vegan dishes too. 

Red’s True Barbecue – Lovers of American style BBQ food needn’t go hungry as their menu has plenty to get your teeth into, including jumbo BBQ wings, pulled pork ‘n’ slaw and beef brisket.

Livin’Italy – this lively bar/restaurant has some fantastic GF dishes on its menu, including a grilled seabass fillet and aubergine parmigiana.

Bird & Beast –  popular for it’s delicious spit-roasted chicken, it may not clearly advertise which dishes as suitable for gluten free diets, BUT they clearly say on their menu that they like to ‘strive for as many gluten free dishes as possible’! 

Belgrave Music Hall – I’ve included the Belgrave, not necessarily for food, but they do sell Mongozo, a decent GF beer, the other half struggled to find one he liked until he tasted this.  

*New addition* Bundobust – recommend by a reader, can’t believe I forgot about these guys! You’ll get great Indian sharing dishes from this team, with a vegetarian menu that’s always got a fantastic selection of GF deliciousness, such as the onion gobi bhaji bhaji, okra fries and masala dosa. 

Do you have any other eateries which could be added to the list? The more options the better!

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