Post-Abbey dash refuel

OK, so the Abbey Dash came and went on Sunday, I was pretty nervous the morning of the race, a result of my own laziness, but thankfully the other half, who knows what it’s like himself was there for moral support before and after. Also, it was great to start the race with fellow runner Ewan, who I’ve bumped into a few times this year at different events. Neither of us had an ideal build up to the race, Ewan through injury and myself from lack of motivation and basic idleness!

Chatting before the race Ewan said at one point he was doubtful about racing that day, but was determined to do it after finding out a good friend of his was seriously injured from a mountaineering accident, he started raising money for the Mountain Rescue Team who found him. Whatever our issues were that day, it was nothing compared what his friend was going through!! So by the time our starting pen was given the green light, my nerves had started to settle a little, I just had to get on with it and my aim was to get through it without stopping.

After 48:23 my race was over, a fairly decent time considering and I was close(ish) to my PB, but then this annoyed me for not being properly ready for it. Yes, I know I’m not a runner of any high level of ability, I’m not even a club runner so I shouldn’t beat myself up about it, but I could have done a lot better. Oh well, it’s done for another year and I’ve learned some lessons from it!

As always running makes me hungry, and even though I’d seen that a number of eateries were offering discounts and free stuff for showing your finishers T-shirt, we wandered across to Briggate Farmers & Craft Market to see what they had to offer instead. 1st stop was Market Wraps, with a choice of pulled beef, pork or chicken, cheese, homemade coleslaw and sauces. I wasn’t in the mood for pulled beef and I just can’t get my head around pulled chicken for some reason, so pork it was. 

image image

At £3 for a small wrap, its not an OK price, the fajita was warmed and was filled with tasty pulled pork, decent homemade coleslaw giving a little crunch.

Additional note!! I do think the price is OK, just re-read it and realised it’s a stupid error so have crossed out the mistake, really sorry Market Wraps!

I don’t like sickly coleslaw and this thankfully wasn’t. The additional ‘sweet n sticky’ sauce was really good and complemented the meat, I much preferred that to a BBQ sauce, as I can find it a bit much and overpowering.  I would’ve loved some crackling in there too, that would make it, for me an awesome wrap!!!

image image

After that I spotted Mario’s Gusto Italiano stall and was eyeing up the massive doughnuts, so went home VERY happily with one of these. For their size they are light, fried till perfectly golden, and covered in a lemony sugar. Very enjoyable with a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea. I think it was £1.25, a bargain!!


Briggate Farmers & Craft Market

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