The Grub & Grog Shop @ NMBCo

I’d been dying to try out The Grub & Grog Shop’s food at their new residence, serving in Northern Monk Brewery‘s refectory, having not had chance to visit properly until now. I’ll happily admit from the off that I’ve been a fan of the Grub & Grog team for a while now, having enjoyed their food at different events in and around Leeds, whether it be Veg Out, Amazing Graze, Belgrave Feast and more recently Cornucopia at the Corn Exchange.

Serving throughout the day means if you’re fortunate to be in town you can drop in whenever you are hungry for a quick feed and a drink. It’s times like these I really wish I worked in the city centre!! With its location in Holbeck, on the Marshall Mills site, it could be a bit of an unusual spot for many to take the trouble to go to, but it’s great for me as I tend to park this end of the town anyway! Lucky me!

One of the main reasons why I was there, apart from having a spot of dinner, was because there was a gathering of other like minded Leeds food folk, arranged by Banh Mi Booth’s Emily Boothroyd to have a meeting of minds about food and stuff. 


On the dinner menu, available 12pm -10pm are lots of interesting, well thought dishes that sound comforting and perfect for the colder, darker evenings that have kicked in. Dishes like pan fried river trout, with roasted celeriac and ox tongue hash with cauliflower mash amongst others.

My eyes saw ox tongue and that was it really, even after looking down the rest of the menu my was decision made, to accompany it a side of their Yorkshire fries. When choosing something to wash it down I was definitely in need of help though, as I have virtually no clue when it comes to ale! Wanting something light and easy drinking I was pointed in the direction of Northern Monks Blue Habit, a blueberry Saison, which was lovely and was exactly was I was after. All of which can be served as pints, halves or thirds, I loved the glasses and would love even more to buy some for the house!!

Ox tongue hash with cauliflower mash

The hash had good flavour and the ox tongue wasn’t scrimped on, it was quite a soft hash and had lots of give in it, for me personally I would’ve loved more of a crust on the top to give it a tad more texture. It sat on a smooth cauliflower mash and was topped with pickled veg, which did its job providing acidity and a shot of colour to the dish. Crisp metallic kale and a light gravy made it a well-rounded dish. The Yorkshire fries were different types of root veg including potato, carrot with an unctuous mayo dip on the side. A lovely side. It’s something I could eat again without question.


I’d definitely recommend The Grub & Grog Shop, next time I’ll be giving the breakfast or lunch a go. Don’t let the slightly off the beaten track location put you off, because its great! 

The total cost for my meal came to £10.30.

Food: tastes good, the menu caters well for vegetarians as well as meat eaters. 

Service: food is ordered at the bar and brought in good time. Staff are knowledge on the drinks and thoughtful when it came to pairing with food. 

Atmosphere: the place has a relaxed ambience, easy to feel comfortable.

Northern Monk Brewery & The Refectory Tap Room
The Old Flax Store
Holbeck Urban Village
LS11 9YJ.

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