Organising Leeds Christmas lunch!

Every December, the ‘Leeds lot’ that I call our Leeds mates all gather for a celebratory Christmas meal, it’s become a bit of a tradition within our group, and is something we’ve done as long as I can remember over the last decade or so. In the early years our festive lunch with all the trimmings was spent at the West End pub in Kirkstall, mainly because we all lived within a few miles of the place, and for many of us, it was our local. 

Some Christmas lunch dishes from the past

Over that period of time many friends have gotten married, moved further afield, had children making it more of a challenge to get us all together. As yours truly organises it, it’s always been a priority as soon as September arrives to get it organised. Why so early? I’m sure you know as well as I do, how hard it can be to organise a single date or place that a large group of people can attend at the same time!

It can be quite an arduous process and I have to treat it a bit like a military operation, but it all gets done in the end, sometimes after a little gentle cajoling to kick some into action. This year I’m so excited it’s at The Reliance, it’s a place I love and have eaten there on and off since moving to Leeds. Everyone’s selected their 2/3 courses and I’m eager to start tucking into our lunch in a couple of weeks time, having a laugh whilst wearing Christmas cracker hats and telling each other bad jokes. 

Of course there are other fantastic independents which also have a Christmas menu, including Shears YardArts Cafe BarCross Keys Bird & BeastKendells Bistro and Dish.

Are you visiting one of Leeds’ many restaurants for a Christmas meal, which ones? 

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