My Thai, Leeds

Have you missed Thai Aroy Dee?? Since closing what seems like aeons ago, literally, I’ve received a number of emails asking if I might know when Thai Aroy Dee was re-opening and where. The last I heard, which was quite a while ago it may open in the Grand Arcade but who knows if this is really the case? I don’t, but I wish I did, because I think there are many of us who miss the place and it’s left a bit of a gap in the market.

A few weeks ago I was walking down to The Belgrave and as usual, looked left to see if Fuji (Fuji Hiro) was open, but what caught my eye more was what was next door – the signage My Thai


For years this place has housed a number of different businesses, all have had short life-spans for one reason or another, but from my first visit to My Thai it seems like this place could be a keeper. This is their second venue, as they already have one in Bradford have have built a reputation and loyal following there already.

Wanting to find out for myself I popped in for a quick lunch yesterday. Just knowing that Fuji was next door, I did feel a bit guilty because I love Fuji, and it has a special place in my heart. But being a so-called food blogger, I couldn’t let that stop me trying this place out and giving it a fair chance. Stepping in from the street the place has been completely transformed into, well I’m not sure how to describe it, a Thai cafe/diner?


For such a small space they’ve done well to fit in as many covers as possible, with lots of low level stools and more comfortable cushioned seating on the sides of the room. With the big window at the front and extra lighting they’ve managed to keep the space bright and gave it lots of character too.  Quirky, practical touches like easy access containers for cutlery and takeaways menus aid a no-fuss approach.


I was their first customer that day, and I immediately found the people who run the place really friendly and bubbly. They seemed to have a great rapport and liked interacting with customers with their amusing banter.

Quickly being asked if I wanted a drink, I’d just come off the train from London so only really wanted a soft drink, but they also had Singha beer, wine and lots of herbal teas to choose from.


The menu is very straight forward, you basically pick what you want on a sheet and say how many in the box, it reminded me a little of Chinese dim sum menu. Easy!


Normally I’m a stickler for ordering exactly the same thing every time I go out for Thai, friends would testify to me always ordering prawn pad thai (no nuts), but I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone for a change and try something different. In hindsight, maybe this was a bad idea, because I could’ve compared it to others I’ve had before, but hey, it means I have another excuse to go!

A quick perusal showed me the menu is broken down into starters, such as chicken satay, spring rolls, ranging from just £1-2! All main courses have a take-away or eat in option, with prices varying for each and also depending on the main source of protein, e.g. tofu, duck, prawn etc. 


You could choose between thai curries, noodle soups, fried rice, fried noodles in it’s different guises. I love rice noodles and liked the sound of the pattaya pad see ew with beef and the steamed pork dumplings.

Service was fairly brisk, as I was their only customer at the time, the pork dumplings were petite, lovely and moist, the light soy and spring onions gave it a little bit of saltiness and change in texture, They lasted just a couple of minutes if that! I wished they were bigger, but that would mean longer cooking time and for just £1.50, need I say more!!


Steamed pork dumplings

A steaming bowl of freshly cooked noodles came my way, portion wise it was good and on first impressions there was plenty of everything that was supposed to be there – carrot, greens, egg, noodles and beef! I thought it was a tasty bowl and if i’m honest I would’ve liked the beef to be a little softer, but it was thinly sliced and doesn’t take much to cook it. Actually now thinking about it, I took that many bloody pictures of it, I probably didn’t start eating till a couple of minutes after receiving it!! Maybe it’s my own fault!! The veg had lovely crunch and the noodles were soft and it had enough seasoning to it. 


During my short stop there, the place filled up with many eating in and a number of customers ordering take-aways too. I’d recommend My Thai, it’s a very welcome addition to the Leeds food scene!

My lunch came to £9 in total, without service, a bargain!!!

Food: Nice menu, food is cooked to order in the kitchen visible from the dining space.

Service: Friendly, out-going people, good banter, lovely service! Speed from the kitchen was good. 

Atmosphere: Even when quiet the place there was a good atmosphere due to the rapport from the staff and how they like to chat to customers. It’s a fairly small space so when it got busier there was a good sense of buzz of about the place. 

My Thai

43 Wade Lane



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