Stuzzi, Harrogate

Stuzzi first came onto my radar during their uber successful Belgrave pop-up a few months ago, I fell hook line and sinker for their food and their infectious love of Italian cuisine!!! Knowing that they were embarking on their own permanent base in Harrogate, which opened on 25th November, I made the trip across to visit yesterday for lunch, firstly stopping at my favourite Harrogate coffee shop Bean and Bud then readying myself for lunch!
From meeting the team a couple of times during their Leeds residency, and since following their exploits travelling around Italy trying the best produce, from their producers, it was obvious to see these people are full of passion and it really shows! 


Located near the Harrogate International Centre, it’s ideal if you are in the area. Inside the space is light and bright, benefitting from large windows allowing light in. On the right hand side as you enter there’s the drinks, deli counter and kitchen, fully stocked with tempting desserts, cheeses, meat and components for salads. To the left hand side display units are filled with Italian produce whether it be balsamic vinegar, pastas, jars of passata and so on….

image image

After enjoying a coffee earlier, I resisted the temptation to have another, even though Stuzzi are using coffee from Leeds micro roaster North Star. Instead a traditional Italian drink called Cedrata was suggested, I was told that it’s made using oils from the peel of a large citrus fruit called a citron (cedro) and has a similarity to a lemonade. On ice it was absolutely refreshing and possessed lots more punch than even a fresh lemonade, something I’d definitely have again.

Cedrata Tassoni syrup
Cedrata Tassoni soda


I started off with a selection of fresh bread, and I mean fresh as it had come out of the oven just a little earlier, it was beautiful. So light and pillowy, I love bread being a carb fiend and this was definitely the good stuff!! Dipped into the olive that had been brought over; a cold pressed Sicilian extra virgin oil, so smooth with a greenness about it that gave it body. The music bread was also delicious, with a drizzle of olive oil and a light sprinkling of fragrant rosemary.


There I was happily tucking into the bread, with not a care in the world when my pasta was brought across. People have different opinions about pasta; the other half prefers pasta cooked on the soft side, I on the other hand swear by al dente. Thankfully this pasta was cooked the latter and tossed in tomato sauce containing meaty, flavourful Calabrian sausage, Nduja giving up a subtle amount of warmth to the dish, and every now and again there’s was a hint of aniseed. Delicious and satisfying!

Pasta Del Giorno
Pasta Del Giorno


Desserts available that day were their Zeppole, I’d sampled it at their Belgrave pop-up, and LOVED it, a chocolate torte di caprese, an Amalfi lemon polenta cake and finally gelato made by London-based artisans Gelupo.

Desserts- Amalfi lemon polenta cake, Chocolate torte di caprese and Zeppole
Desserts – Amalfi lemon polenta cake, Chocolate torte di caprese and Zeppole

Next time I’m definitely going for the gelato, but this time I fancied a sharp hit of lemon so polenta cake it was. It’s an unusual choice for me going for a cake but I’m glad I did. Oh, it was good, so moist and not a dessert to just wolf down, but one to savour to enjoy all the flavours and textures, whether it be the textures from polenta and flaked almonds, or the sharpness from the Amalfi lemons. Gorgeous!

Amalfi lemon polenta cake

Oh don’t worry, this isn’t mine as well! I just couldn’t help myself to take another photo!


My total bill came to £19 including service charge.

Their stuzzichini menu is offered from 5 – 10pm, I’m already craving a stuzzi feast with arancini balls, fritto misto et al, add on a few Aperol Spritz……!!!

I’d definitely recommend Stuzzi!


Food: Wonderful, great menu whether day or night. 

Service: This team love what they are doing and it shows. They are friendly and knowledgable, but not in your face with it. 

Atmosphere: I was there for lunch so there was a steady stream of people, mostly Harrogate locals, some who have already been a number of times even though it’s been open just a week. There’s a tangible friendly atmosphere, all a product of the openness of the Stuzzi team with their customers.

46b Kings Road

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