Lunch at Bills

A couple of weeks ago, we were in Surrey spending Christmas Day with the other half’s family. Staying a few miles away in Woking, we fancied lunch somewhere on Boxing Day, but found slim pickings in terms of independent restaurants open that day, making it a little tricky with limited options. After a wander around the town centre we noticed one of the Bill’s restaurants. I’d seen them pop up a number of cities of the UK and had heard promising things of their food. So why not?



I wasn’t overly hungry for a change, so no starter (this time) and a quick once over at the menu pointed me towards the fish finger sandwich!!! Oh I love fish fingers, they remind me of being a child and they’re right up there with the best of sandwiches I reckon. The other half being a little more predictable was seduced by the idea of the burger.

Service was polite and friendly, certainly no evident signs of hungover staff to be seen, with drinks orders being taken quickly. As it was Boxing Day the place was quite busy, but our waiting time wasn’t overly long which is always a good thing!

The skin on fries were tasty,  lightly golden and crisp, but I do wish they’d get rid of the silly containers/baskets they often use. Just put them on the plate! The sandwich was more than enough to satisfy my appetite, the fish fingers were made with chunky pieces of cod and were predictably meaty. Covered in breadcrumbs and paired with rocket and tomato ketchup, I was happy. The only bit that let it down a little was the bread, it was supposed to be toasted, but it was barely-there if you know what I mean. I would’ve preferred it not toasted at all or more noticeably toasted to get the toasty crunch when you take a bite.



I can’t comment much on the burger, it seemed to be doing the job. Now that I look at my photo the bun is too big for the burger though, the picky diner that I am. Anyway, the other half enjoyed it and that’s what counts, I suppose. 


Lunch cost us £27.28, including soft drinks and service charge. A little more than I was expecting, but hey ho, it was Christmas. 

Food: a good lunch was had, nothing special but did the job.

Service: decent enough, polite and efficient.

Atmosphere: a fairly busy environment, especially being sat near the area. Music not too loud so you can easily hold a conversation with others. A decent place to take families and large groups.  

Leeds is yet to have a Bill’s restaurant, so I wonder if and when it will get one of its own?


27 Commercial Way

Wolsey Place Centre

Woking, GU21 6XR

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