What would you like to eat in Leeds in 2015?

This week the subject of food trends has come up, as it does at the start of every year, with different publications and social media coming up with their own predictions on the matter. Just today trailblazers Leeds Indie Food started the conversation about what food trends 2015 would see. As you Leeds folk may or may not have seen, it was the year of the burger, frankly I think it was hard to miss!! 

photo taken from Twitter

So, I was thinking not just about trends, but how may that relate to Leeds, what’s missing in the city’s food and drink scene. I don’t necessarily mean Michelin stars, however great it would be for one of the city’s establishments to hold one, but in terms of cuisine,  what would you like to eat?

Being a massive brunch fan, I love the fact that the awesome team at Laynes Espresso do their monthly brunch at Belgrave Music Hall with such aplomb, and of course we have amazing breakfasts from The Greedy Pig, The Grub & Grog Shop and others in Leeds. However, I know from other cities, e.g. London and San Francisco how much brunch is truly embraced and it would be the brilliant to have more of this in Leeds’ food and drink culture too.

I’d love to see somewhere selling Poutine, the Canadian dish famed for it’s dreamy combination of fries, cheese curds and light gravy. Most recently we ate it at Antler Poutine & Burger in Krakow a few months ago. It was good, so good in fact they they serve it in the burger too, yeah I know you could do it it yourself and add it in, but I just loved to combination of the two!!! Love burgers? Love Poutine, it would make my day if we had it here too!!! Anybody else love Poutine? 

Antler’s Quebec burger with Poutine

What do you think? Are their any types of cuisines, or specific dishes you’d like to see more of?

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