Noodle House

Last Thursday, I caught up with a couple of friends during the school Easter hols in the city centre’s Northern Quarter, which is definitely a hive of activity nowadays when it comes a night out. Not only was Nicky Minaj undoubtably doing what she does best on stage at the First Direct Arena, newly opened Bar Soba’s launch night was kicking off. However, more importantly for us, one of my two friends was involved in playing a gig at Verve bar on Merrion St!

The band (Sons of Great Men) wasn’t on till 10pm, and we were getting hungry, so I’d told my friend Lucy about Noodle House. She’s also a lover of Chinese food, and with it just being up the street from Verve, there were lots of plus points and sounded like a great idea. Being pretty late going in, around 9:30pm, we turned out to be their last customers, so understandably they were running low on a few things, in particular the roasted meats. 

I knew what I wanted even before looking at the menu; my go to dish beef ho fun, but they’d run out of ho fun noodles and could offer rice vermicelli as an alternative, which I was happy to go along with. Lucy first choice was the soy marinated chicken, but again they were running low and knowing there wasn’t enough for a full portion offered a selection of three meats; char siu, belly pork and chicken for the same price.

Having been a few times, one of the great things about this place is that it’s really informal, and the food is cooked and ready to go quickly! So it wasn’t long before we collected our food from the counter. With soft beef, silky noodles, the addition of a handful of beansprouts, sliced onion, carrot, spring onion and correct seasoning made me more than happy!! As far as Lucy’s food went, I think we were both taken aback by the more than generous portion size, it was probably enough for two people I’d say, especially with the rice and greens!! She finished about two-thirds and was completely spent!


I can’t remember how much eat dish was, but the total bill for 2 plates of food, a bottle of aloe water and still water came to £14.70. For tasty food, generous portions, decent service – a bargain! 

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