Changes – leaving Leeds for pastures new!

Early last year the other half and I contemplated moving south for work, and at the time any ideas of upping sticks was put on the indefinite back burner. September arrived and I settled into working part-time, then late 2015 the opportunity to relocate came again, but this time the decision to take the leap and move after 15 years of residence was taken. It seems odd to be moving down south as most of my closest friends are in and around the city, but also to leave when Leeds is showing the rest of the UK what it’s really made of and has some very exciting times ahead. 

So at present, the house is on the market and with a spot of good fortune I’ll be on my way to pastures new, sooner rather than later. To stay up-to-date I’ll need to keep an eye on the usual social media channels. Since starting the blog over two years ago, the number of bloggers has grown massively and there are loads of brilliant local blogs around, with far better writing and photography that you should be reading if you aren’t already!! Here’s a pick of the ones I read to keep informed, on many you won’t just find food reviews, but also recipes, posts on lifestyle, fashion and culture if that takes your fancy too.


Whip Until Fluffy

Cheery Little Thing

Amy Elizabeth

Digital Diva

Awkward Magazine

Also for those of you who love the aesthetics of food, Leeds has many an Instagram feed to get those taste buds tingling, and may give you some culinary inspiration. Here are a few of my favourites!

Food &

Noisette Bakehouse

Cous Cous Bang Bang

Whip Until Fluffy

Amy Elizabeth

So even though I haven’t left yet, I know I’m going to really miss living in Leeds, but I’ll be back to catch up with friends and family, hopefully on a regular basis. The need to refamiliarise myself with old favourites and become newly acquainted with others on the scene will be great, and I’ll be watching eagerly to see how Leeds’ independent food and drink culture continues to flourish and build on what’s been an amazing few years! Anyway, thanks to those who’ve always been really lovely and allowed me to chat and take photos whenever I’ve asked, it’s always been very much appreciated! You’ll be able to rest easy soon, as I won’t be about with a camera in hand or snapping away in your face.

As far as this blog goes, I’ll still be posting every now and again, the search for great independents and its effect on an areas culture will continue.

I have updated my review policy, after taking on board relevant comments that I’d accepted the odd free invitation over the last few months (e.g. Black Swan and Rola Wala). This is something that I’d stopped doing and still feel is very important not to accept free invitations just for the sake of it. At the time, friends had said I shouldn’t have taken such a hard line on not doing any freebies, but that’s the course that was chosen at the time. However, I still want to talk about changes in the food and drink scene, where independents are concerned, including collaboration and how food and drink is impacting on the changing face of an area. An aspect I don’t particularly feel was being covered well on the blog before, not to say i’m doing any better at it now either! So yes, I can understand why this may annoy/piss people off, I don’t always get things right as you can see, so I thought it best to make it known and say ‘sorry’. I am far from perfect and it’s not the first time I’ve apologised, you should see me in the classroom teaching science to 30+ 16 year olds! It will be made very clear from now on that if it is free, it will be stated at the top of the post.

As far as moving goes – have you got any advice on moving 100’s of miles away after many years in one city, do you have any coping strategies or any thoughts on how you dealt with it?

4 thoughts on “Changes – leaving Leeds for pastures new!”

  1. Ohmigosh how exciting! (But also sad for us in Leeds!) – do you know whereabouts down South you’ll be moving to, or is it all up in the air?

    Having done the opposite move four years ago, my best advice is to give it time. It took me about 18 months to really feel at home in Leeds, and it wasn’t until my third year of living here that I fell in love with the city. It takes time to bed in and get some familiarity and routine back into your life, but it will come!


    1. Hi Amy! We’ll be based in Surrey, hopefully when we know our surroundings better we’ll start looking to buy a house etc. My husband’s been there for a few months already, so I have a bit of catching up to do.
      Thanks a lot for your advice, it’s reassuring to know that it’s not just me that has struggled with the whole moving away thing!
      I’m hoping to be in Leeds for a bit longer, at least while our house is being sold, and have already booked weekends in Leeds to see friends etc.

      Aside from all that, I hope everything for your wedding goes wonderfully smoothly and I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful day!! It can’t be long now.

  2. I’m catching up on my blog reading and have just seen this. I hope everything goes smoothly and you find the perfect home in Surrey. I’m sure you’ll fit in plenty of adventures and make us all jealous of trips to places that are a lot easier to travel to from your new location (and that might not even be on our radar yet!). Thanks for the little mention too 🙂 x

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