My April

At the end of each month I’ve decided to write a snappy round-up of what I’ve been up to, whether it be food-related, cultural bits and bobs, travels out and about, whatever takes my fancy and stuff you may find interesting. It’s a way I can stay linked to those of you who read the blog, whilst being in a spot of limbo as far as life in general goes, my dalliances with eating out being drastically reduced and with lots of free time to do nice things. 

For me April is where Spring starts to take shape and nature begins to show itself. With lighter mornings and daylight hours becoming progressively longer, my mood changes and it’s probably a load of nonsense, but I tend to feel for awake!! The fact the cherry blossom is out in full view, even if it is just for a short time always makes me smile and seeing new-born lambs always makes me very giddy!! They are so cute and I just love how they gambol in the fields, without a care in the world.

So with all the decent weather we’ve been having here’s what I’ve been doing:

 Started the house moving process!

Celebrated at a friends wedding

Consciously chose to wear lipstick for the first time years, may sound strange to you, but believe me – it’s a big deal!

Danced the night away at said friends wedding and took some very amusing photos whilst doing so! 

Well and truly satisfied my healthy appetite with pie heaven at Belgrave’s Pie and Cider Festival

Said my good-bye’s to Dexter the cat (for now…)

Been grateful my good friends the Farrell’s have taken Dexter in as one of their own!

Loved how a catch up with old friends, who I’ve not seen for months is basically a day of laughing constantly!!

Run very un-gazelle like and picked up an injury whilst training for the Hackney Half

Received my first P45 since I was a student

Felt humbled by people saying lots of lovely things about me leaving Leeds

Slowly scouted out areas to set up a new home 

Become frustrated at how EXPENSIVE properties are compared to the North and the difference in value for money!! 

Begun the search for great independents again, and found come good ones in Naturally Chinese and Thali Thali!!

Saw my friend Really Nice Food sell her range of tasty sauces at Kirkstall Deli Market

Visited some of my favourite places in Leeds and enjoyed the sun, a lot!!

Planned a food/drink/culture tour of my favourite local spots!

How was your April?


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