Kirkstall Deli Market

One of the great things, of which there are many, I love about Leeds is it’s local markets that regularly pop up in and around the city. A couple of Sundays ago was my first chance to get to Kirkstall Deli Market, last month the weather was pretty dire, but last Sunday it couldn’t have been more different; beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine which, as you’d expect would draw people in. I knew a couple of traders I wanted to check out – Yakumama, street food traders who hail from the other side of the Pennines, something I won’t hold against them, they’ve blown people away with their food since their introduction to Leeds folk at Belgrave’s feast. The other was Really Nice Food – food lover and blogger, with her very own range of sauces. 

My first port of call was Yakumama – on the menu I fancied something I’d not tried before having already tried their amazing Chicharrones (spicy pork crackling) and empanadas. This time their huevos rancheros caught my eye, it was brunch time so it sounded perfect. Every time the food from Yakumama delivers – great taste, seasoning and combination of ingredients, they have become a definite favourite of mine.

Huevos Rancheros

To the left of them the smell from their neighbours Smak! was hard to ignore, with Polish sausages cooking and not only that, the sight of potatoes frying and the smell from onions browning is often unmistakable. With three sausages to choose from I wanted something with a bit of punch, so the Hunter sausage fit the bill nicely, served up with potatoes and a massive gherkin, a squirt of mustard and ketchup, the latter probably not customary but I just like it. It was smokey and full bodied in flavour exactly as advertised.

Hunter Kielbasa with fried potatoes and gherkin

I’d not visited the market on the Sunday before, just the Saturday so I was interesting to see if there was difference in how busy it was. It was great to see it busy, obviously the fantastic weather helps no end, with the back drop of the Abbey the place had a lovely family friendly atmosphere with people of all ages, lots of families, groups, or just someone wanting a nosey and a decent feed.

My next port of call was Really Nice Food, otherwise known as Rebecca Benn and have a peek at her sauces. Perhaps better known as a food blogger, this lady is a lover of all things food has started up her own side-line with a range of condiments. Amongst her current repertoire is a lively Mango and Scotch Bonnet, a smokey and sweet Chipotle and a delicious sweet chilli sauce with a hint of ginger in the background. Oh, I shouldn’t leave out the Mexican pink onions, one of Rebecca’s specialities; a traditional accompaniment to many Mexican dishes.  


Another trader that caught my eye was Neil’s Fruit & Veg, their stall was full was quality stuff, and for just a tenner you could get a massive box full!!

£10 worth of fruit and veg!!

Kirkstall Deli Market is held on the last weekend of every month, so if you fancy a nosey it makes for a few hours well spent; whether its to enjoy the sun in beautiful surroundings, have a wander around the stalls and obviously grab some tasty food!!

Kirkstall Deli Market

Kirkstall Abbey


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