Pieminster – New opening!! 

I LOVE pies, I love them a lot!! I eeked with joy when I found out Pieminster were opening up a venture here, about time too, as they’ve already popped up in a number of cities around the country. I was invited to try out the menu, part of their soft launch I guess, arrived hopeful and left majorly satisfied! From humble beginnings – friendship, love of food and the dreams of making great pies resulted in Pieminster. Since then they’ve won awards, traded at Glastonbury, opened up around the country and finally have a place in Leeds!!!



There’s not much to say, apart from if you love pies, you’ll LOVE Pieminster!!! With a varied selection of fillings, some come with lids, some without depending on your preference. On the drinks front; a good selection of beers, wines, also cocktails too if that takes your fancy. We were told that they have a bar upstairs, could be the answer if you wanted a cheeky few before or after a meal.


The starters comprise of a short list of tempting savoury goodies, such as potted pig and their ‘motherchips’ basically big, thick crisps with so-called No.11 condiment. My eyes were immediately drawn to pork scratchings, there were loads for one person and came with an apple sauce. Oh, they were yummy – thick, crunchy, not too salty and the apple sauce was sharp enough to cut through the fat. Probably enough to share between two, or maybe just one, if you’re greedy like me!!

Pork scratchings with apple sauce


From the pies section, I was quite tempted by their hot pots with a sliced potato top replacing a pastry lid, especially the Moo & Brew, a beef steak and stout pot, but when I thought about what I really like, I just love a pie with the proper pastry case and lid, end of!! From the list a few jumped out, but the Moodog won me over; steak/bacon/ale in one pie…..my hopes were high and I really didn’t want to be disappointed. As far as sides go, I love standard chips or mash as an accompaniment, they offer alternatives to these, such as courgette fries or sweet potato fries but they weren’t singing out to me as much. 

Size-wise, the pie on its own was hefty. Sat on a large dollop of mash and a filled gravy boat to the side, it was looking good!! The pastry was golden and when I cut into it, the smell of the filling got me straight away. Spot on buttery pastry, and filled to the max with chunks of steak, smokey bacon, cooked in Brewdog ale, so the pie had its own gravy. It was delicious and rich, full of flavour and I would’ve been more than happy with just the pie on its own!!! With the mash and gravy it was a great size for a dinner. The mash was generously served and more than enough for the pie, I liked the mash, but I’ve had better and thought it was a little under seasoned, however with the richness from the pie and unctuous gravy it didn’t really matter too much. 

Moodog with mash and gravy


Whilst service was going on before us, it’s understandable that staff are steadily getting to grips with their surroundings, the menu, the serving ware so a few tiny mishaps here and there could be forgiven, considering it was their first day of opening! But the staff seemed knowledgeable and weren’t in your face all the time, which I liked.

One of the things I really liked, apart from the food was the pricing – my pie and chips would’ve been £6.90, that’s pretty good I reckon for such a tasty and filling plate of food!!! It’s definitely a place to go if you want good comfort food at a reasonable price. 



Duncan Street



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