Olia Hercules – The Wild East photoblog!!

Leeds Indie Food Festival has been in full swing for a week now, having a limited amount of time and budget I’ve had to consider my choices wisely. Out of all the dining experiences going on, I wanted to try something new, apart from bringing the talents of Leeds and further afield together, I think it’s something the festival has encouraged.

The event that struck out to me was ‘The Wild East’, a Ukrainian supper by London based chef Olia Hercules, working in collaboration with Marko Husak (Bundobust) and with the beautiful interior of local coffee shop Mrs Atha’s as the backdrop. Having not much knowledge of Olia, it was soon apparent that this lady certainly knew her culinary stuff, having worked with the likes of Yottam Ottolenghi and been named a Rising Star of 2015 by the Observer, as well as being a food writer with her own cook book!

Last night we were treated to a feast of delights, with Olia’s roots in Ukrainian food, she brought us traditional dishes along with food from Georgia, including an intriguing Soviet Korean carrot salad. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have grabbed a ticket for this event, you’re in for a treat with an absolutely delicious dining experience from Olia. All the proceeds are going to charities who are helping children who’s lives have been affected by the war in Ukraine. 

Here are some photos from the evening:

Green Borscht – Duck broth w/ sorrel and chopped egg
Sourdough made with Ukrainian hop flowers
Schneider Weisse Tap 7
Roasted beetroot, prune and walnut salad
Georgian poussin w/ tarragon, coriander, basil, dill and wild garlic
Rolled aubergine

Soviet Korean pickled carrot salad
Tabaka – Georgian poussin w/ pickled carrots, Georgian beans with crispy shallots, rolled aubergine, a roasted beetroot, prune and walnut salad, plum chutney and sourdough
Syrnyk – Ukrainian curd cheesecake w/ rhubarb compot
Coffee – courtesy of Mrs Atha’s

I hope you enjoy the evening as much as I did!!

Leeds Indie Food Festival

Mrs Athas

Central Road



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