Bubble Tea mini invasion!? 

What do you make of Bubble Tea – do you like it? It seems to have become a thing in Leeds now, or it’s at least trying to be. I suppose it was only a matter of time before it came this way, as they’ve been in London for years. This unusual Taiwanese concoction of tea shaken with milk or fruit producing a drink with ‘bubbles’, I always thought the bubbles were because of those tapioca balls they add, but I was very wrong – thanks internet for putting me in my place!!! Having only tried the milk teas a couple of times, I’m very much sat on the fence as to whether I like it or not. I think it’s the idea of those tapioca balls that put me off a little, they just remind me of ball bearings or those glass marbles I used to play Chinese checkers with as a child, even swallowing one or two when playing the foolish and rather dangerous game of ‘how many marbles can you fit in your mouth?!’

Just recently London based Bubbleology opened in Trinity Leeds, adding to its many national outlets and seemingly getting off to a good start with queues of people lining up to get there hands on this odd tea drink – mini revolution maybe? After having a quick scan at their menu, they say you can tailor your drink to your liking and can go all out on tapioca or not at all,  have it sugar free, are suitable for vegetarians and those with lactose intolerance – who knew?

After having walked passed a number of times recently, I may have to give them another try and play it safe with something fruit based.


Iocha Bubble Tea in Central Arcade are supposed to open today, hopefully it’ll draw more of a crowd to the arcade, as the only thing going for it is Bird & Beast food and drink wise, unless you have a Greggs craving! 

Photo from Iocha Bubble Tea instagram

There’s also Bubble Tea Leeds that’s soon to open in the Merrion Centre’s Sing Kee Oriental supermarket, and supposedly there’s a bubble tea spot near the university – Cafe Jojo and one in the Merrion Centre called Bubble Bubble. Is this right, do these places exist still?

What your opinion on the drink – love it/hate it? 

For those of you who’ve tried it, can you recommend one that I should try, something to ease me in gently? 

4 thoughts on “Bubble Tea mini invasion!? ”

  1. Definitely go fruity – milky ones make me feel abit queasy. “How many marbles can you fit in your mouth” – ha ha – love that image of mini Diane doing that. 🙂

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