The Swine That Dines – small plates! 

‘The Swine That Dines’ – the alter ego of The Greedy Pig, you know the place…the one that makes arguably the best breakfast in Leeds, does wonders with nose to tail dining, make incredible scotch eggs and knows a thing or two about pies? Well they’ve started serving up a menu of small plates, just on Friday evenings for now; the first one being last night. In their own way The Greedy Pig quietly announced their new menu on social media a few days ago, alongside a brand spanking new logo – which somehow shows a knowing simplicity, it’s to the point and possesses an unfussiness which suits their style down to the ground. This is something they’ve been wanting to do for ages and now seems the right time to set their stall out.

The Swine That Dines

So what about the menu, with Stu’s background in Modern British cuisine he’s developed a seven plate menu that follows this train of thought. The menu’s written simply with core ingredients listed, I love how they don’t play it safe with the choice of meat (ox tongue, goat and rabbit), I also loved some of the terminology they’ve used like Penny Bun, which Jo informed us was the English name for a cep or porcini mushroom and instead of using the word boudin, they’ve stuck with the humble sausage!

With each dish being comparable to a starter portion, it was suggested 2-3 plates per person which probably sounded about right. Even though I’d looked at the menu on Instagram countless times, I was still finding it hard to narrow my chosen few down, so fortunately for me I was joined by a fellow food lover I’d met before at different events. This gave us both the perfect opportunity to try most of the dishes – picking 6 of the 7, leaving out the ox tongue as we’d eaten that before. I won’t go into all the details of each dish as I think it may ruin it for you, but here are some shots of the plates we enjoyed. 


Rabbit/Penny Bun/sausage
Goat/fennel/green sauce
Halloumi/marinated beetroot/walnut

I implore you to go and try it for yourself because the food is great, admittedly I’m a fan of The Greedy Pig, however just see for yourself and I hope you’ll be thanking me. For six plates and some bread setting us back £31.50 between two of us, it was pretty bargainous, and as always service is warm and friendly. Their honest approach just shines through and after having already missed all of their themed suppers, I really wanted to make it this time!!

For now it’s a BYOB affair and while they are settling in they aren’t taking bookings at the moment, so just turn up and expect a good feed. 

The Swine That Dines will be serving small plates every Friday 6-9pm, with the possibility of a Saturday service and a wider menu choice in the future too. 

The Greedy Pig

58 North Street 


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