My June 

Yay, at last we are getting prolonged amounts of sunshine and warmth, isn’t it great!   

These are my highlights this month-

Moseying around The Plant Room, a collaboration between creative minds curated by The Archipelago – such a calming, reflective space filled with beautiful illustrations, ceramics, furniture and plants 

Singing to my hearts content at karaoke for a couple of hours! Ah, I’m always up for an impromptu karaoke session.

Putting the world to rights catching up with ex-work colleagues

Laughing a lot catching up with the Leeds lot, including our old friends who emigrated to New Zealand, just like old times! 

Enjoying leisurely cocktails at new bar Be At One! 

Reacquainting myself with newly reopened Thai Aroy Dee!!

Running like a lunatic with 100’s of others around St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London Mile

Rewarding myself with a tasty post-race brunch at Kopapa!!

Feeling great running alongside other women in the ridiculous heat of London’s Victoria Park for the Nike Women’s 10k

Breathing a massive sigh of relief finding ALL my important certificates, after thinking they’d were lost

Indulging in thirst quenching rum cocktails, courtesy of Rum Shack’s pop up – thanks by the way. Love the rum punch!

Savouring a mini feast from The Greedy Pig‘s new small plates menu, I definitely recommend trying it for yourself!

Reminisced to a previous time in my life when it was all about art and music, listening mesmerised to a virtuoso performance of Bruch’s violin concerto with the Airedale Symphony Orchestra and wondering why I gave up playing

Picking strawberries from the local farm, just in time to eat whilst watching Wimbledon!

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