Tapas Brindisa, Soho

Last weekend was a VERY long overdue reunion with our uni mates, my old friend Sarah and I always try to get everyone together, with all of us being married and most with children now it gets harder every time, but nevertheless ten of us managed to make it last Saturday. Nights out with these lot are well known for being excessive is many ways, the hilarity resulting from these reunions would mean absolutely nothing to anyone else, but have become folklore amongst us. Stories which have become embellished as the years have passed being included at weddings in the grooms speech and business meetings, go figure?! I’m sure you all have these types of memories with your friends too. 

We weren’t all meeting until later that afternoon so knowing from experience how the day would play out, doing a good job of lining the stomachs was imperative, otherwise the consequences weren’t worth entertaining!! So after a full breakfast at ours we hot footed it on the quick line to Waterloo and soon settled into Soho, where we’d be based for the night.  A few early drinks and it was time for a late lunch, we all wanted something to graze on that wouldn’t be too heavy, so I thought tapas – possibly the ultimate in grazing food. I knew there was Tapas Brindisa nearby and we were soon ordering more wine and perusing the menu.



It’s somewhere I’ve been a couple of times before because the staff are really friendly and the food is reliably good. To be honest, this is a pretty easy review to write – the other half and I order six dishes to share and when there’s hardly a noise coming from a group of diners faced with a table full of food, that can only be a great sign. All of the plates resonated very positively, my favourites being the generous wedge of tortilla with chorizo – came with all the qualities I hoped for; served warm, good ratio of potato/egg/chorizo so there was a delicate meaty smokiness going on and very importantly it’s texture was squidgy and lovingly soft. The buñuelos de bacalao or salt cod fritters were perfect and quickly demolished; a delicately crisp exterior giving way to a gorgeously light filling, the right level of saltiness and rich, unctuous aioli to go with it. Another favourite was the ox cheek – the beautiful giving meat which just pulled apart with the lightest of touches, deep in flavour and matched by a butternut squash puree and silverskin onions. The one that caught me off guard was The Meatball (my husband’s choice) – I’m normally a goat cheese hater and avoid it all costs, but this has done a lot to converting me…maybe it was helped by the fact there was a combination of rump steak and their Iberico pork morcilla surrounding the cheese, who knows?!

Tortilla de chorizo
Ox cheeks
The Meatball
Buñuelos de bacalao
Crispy pork belly

If I was to fault any one of the dishes it’d be the pork belly, don’t get me wrong the flavours were there, the sweetness from the meat and the crackling was crisp and salty, but the layers of fat were very thick and the only thing left on any of the plates. All in all – a pretty awesome lunch for us and also our friends who’s corn fed chicken, croquettes and salad got polished off very easily too.

Patatas alioli

Corn fed chicken leg

Croquetas de jamon

Traditional potato tortilla

Yes, the area’s spoilt for choice with great places to eat, but you won’t go far wrong with Tapas Brindisa.

Tapas Brindisa Soho

46 Broadwick St




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