Sunday brunch @ Jackson + Rye, Soho

Sunday brunch following a uni reunion the day before is an absolute must and a bit of a life saver, as they are always pretty heavy affairs!! Staying in Soho we had the choice of a few brunch places close by, so I left it to my friend to decide and because they had pancakes on the menu Jackson + Rye came out on top.

Found on Wardour Street it enjoys a prime spot any time of the day, so turning up on spec I was a touch worried we’d be out of luck and would need a back-up. Fortunately for us there was a free corner booth perfect for our group and it was ours as long as we’d be finished within a set time – that worked for us and we gratefully sat our weary bodies down. Immediately when it comes to brunch, I think brunch cocktails…it’s a cheeky luxury to indulge in, but my bubble was quickly burst when told they don’t serve them until 12pm, so instead I was sensible and opted for a pomegranate juice instead.

Pomegranate, orange and pink grapefruit juice

The place has a good atmosphere, busy with people having similar ideas to us – in need of sustenance to get the body back onto an even keel. Service was friendly, drink and food orders were taken quickly and good job too, as we were ravenous and I was personally a little jealous seeing other customers get their food before us. When our plates arrived the general consensus was that portion sizes looked good, in particular the full vegetarian which was massive, however the lads wanted a more meat and got extra sausage patty and maple cured bacon. 

Desperately ravenous and patiently waiting for food!
Avocado ‘Benedict’ – maple cured bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise, country style potatoes, watercress and granary toast
Bacon and blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon, blueberries and maple syrup
The full vegetarian – fried eggs, grilled halloumi, curly kale, baby spinach, grilled mushrooms, roast tomato, butter beans in tomato sauce, country style potatoes and granary toast
Farmer’s – maple slab bacon, fried eggs, sausage patty, country style potatoes, spring onions, granary toast  
Avocado ‘Royale’ – oak smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise, country style potatoes, watercress and granny toast
Angler’s – smoked salmon, scrambled eggs with country style potatoes and granary toast

It’s very easy to like Jackson + Rye – good atmosphere, service is friendly and efficient, decent portions that hit all the right notes and pricing doesn’t break the bank. My only minor winge was the bread being far too thick, making it a real chore to cut through the crust, also not serving cocktails until 12pm, please say it on the menu to save disappoint for anyone else! 

Jackson + Rye

56 Wardour Street



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